Young Koreans turn to blogs to share personal stories


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SEOUL, July 11 (Korea Bizwire) Many young South Koreans are turning to online blogs to write diaries.

The country’s leading internet portal operator, Naver Corp., reported that as a result of the “Weekly Journal Writing Challenge” program which encouraged bloggers to write journal entries each week, the number of new blogs jumped 14%, 80% of which were opened by users. in their twenties and thirties.

They say blogging gives them access to exclusive features not available on Instagram.

“Instagram is all about posting cute photos and memorable moments,” said Kim Hee-yeong, a 25-year-old blogger. “I’m tired of having to ‘show off’ every time. Now I like to write journal entries on my blog.

Young bloggers are comfortable talking about their personal lives online. “I believe talking about bits and pieces of my personal life shows how special I am,” 23-year-old Kim Seo-yeon said.

Searching for “weekly reviews” on the portal’s website showed information that can be used to find out where bloggers live and work.

“It’s psychologically very satisfying for them to talk about themselves,” said Kwak Geum-joo, a psychology professor at Seoul National University.

“The satisfaction they feel when writing their personal stories makes them less aware of the fact that they are exposing their private lives.”

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