Webpuran, one of the best Hindi blogs, is now planning to expand its blog to a network of three blogs to reach a wider audience


According to Founder Saurabh Mall “Due to the public’s love for them, we at Webpuran are now considering expanding to three more blogging platforms as we also want to empower English-speaking citizens.”

Webpuran is a Hindi blog dedicated to helping viewers get comprehensive information on a variety of topics and sub-topics in detail. Our wide range of topics includes digital marketing, entertainment, blogging, social media marketing, government plans, technology, WordPress, interview tips, and more. They currently attract tens of thousands of visitors each month to our blog, which helps them to be highly informed.

After India’s tech boom in which the information and technology sector proliferated, India’s Hindi-speaking population lagged behind. Much of their stagnation could be attributed to the fact that most course books, short courses and articles, and even YouTube videos found online, were in English and for those who did not speak the language, there was a distinct disadvantage, not only did they have to compete with a growing increase in English-speaking creatives, but they also had to learn the game in a language that was not their own. According to the founder of Webpuran “We have seen on the internet that there are very few more in-depth and quality informative articles in Hindi, and many people don’t understand things in English. To solve this problem, we launched Webpuran. Here you will get information on all topics in Hindi such as government programs which will further help people who want to know more about the growing world but in their own language”.

Eventually, Webpuran, which started as a small business to help non-English speaking audiences, grew into a for-profit business. Today, the site hosts numerous articles and blog posts on topics ranging from digital marketing and web development to tech and game reviews. Vineeta Singh, Head of Financial Statistics of Webpuran, talks about the growth of Webpuran and says that “we started this to help our fellow Indians and fill a gap in the IT market that people on YouTube had already started to fill, initially we weren’t doing anything but as soon as more blogs started coming up, the audience kept pouring in. Today, the income we are currently generating through Webpuran is $2100 per month and it is steadily increasing with each passing day.

Today Webpuran is stronger than ever with much more audience from countries like USA and Canada. The Webpuran team now thinks it’s time to expand the project and make their news blogs available in other languages. At the moment they are planning to start with three more blogs, the audience we will target for these three blogs will be from United States of America, Canada and India.

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