Waterways in danger, listen to the issues and speak up


Two upcoming online meetings on water quality in Kildare rivers will give people information and a chance to discuss issues in local waterways, writing Brian Byrne.

They are organized by the Local Authority Water Program (LAWPRO), a shared service for local authorities in water quality management that coordinates the activities of local authorities and public bodies, provides watershed science and management, and assists in engagement and community support.

According to the organisation’s Aoife McGrath, “unprecedented times” highlight the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss on the water quality of our rivers. “This will have repercussions on our health and well-being,” she warns.

The meetings are are scheduled for (North) Kildare on Monday 28th February at 7.30pm and (South) Kildare on Wednesday 2nd March at 7.30pm. “These meetings will provide vital information on the Draft River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2022-2027and there will be a question-and-answer session and discussion of local issues.”

Agencies responsible for protecting Ireland’s rivers have found that agriculture, forestry and urban sewage treatment are among the main causes of pollution of our rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters. “There is a big effort involving many organizations trying to determine what is happening in our rivers,” says Aoife McGrath. “We need local people to help us understand better.”

Registration for meetings can be done at www.lawaters.ie or via Facebook @LAWPROteam. You can contact the LAWPRO head office on 052 6166237.

For information on the Draft River Basin Management Plan 2022-2027 visit the virtual consultation room on LAwaters.ie.

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