Two underage boys detained for purse theft; Wife tricked out of Rs 86K


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Two underage boys were arrested on Friday for snatching a bag from a woman in the airfield area. They are questioned about the bicycle used in the crime.

According to a criminal branch official, reports have been received that two people were roaming the area selling the stolen goods for a low price. The criminal branch and the airfield police station team cordoned off the mentioned place and arrested two underage boys from there.

A gold ring and a cell phone were recovered from the accused. They allegedly confessed to snatching the bag containing the ring and the mobile phone from a woman a few days ago. They were on bicycles at the time.

They also confessed to committing similar crimes in Sanwer, Annapurna and Tejaji Nagar areas of the city. The accused were handed over to personnel at the Airfield Police Station for further investigation.

Wife tricked out of Rs 86K, crime branch secures money back

A scammer tricked a woman out of Rs 86,000 in the name of providing a job selling products online for which she was promised a 10% commission. She was contacted by an online scammer, who asked her to make a payment for products to sell online through a website. She made a payment to an e-wallet but she did not receive her products. Shortly after receiving the complaint, crime branch officials opened an investigation and successfully returned the money to the woman’s bank account on Friday.

According to DCP (crime) Nimish Agrawal, the woman said in her complaint that she was looking for a part-time job when she found a website that looked like the site of a reputable telemarketing company. When she clicked on the job section, she got a call from someone. He pretended to be a manager of an online company. According to the plaintiff, the accused then sent a link on WhatsApp and told the woman to sign up and get a good commission for the products she was selling online. She made a payment to buy the products but she did not receive the products. Later, she filed a complaint with the criminal branch.

The Criminal Branch’s Fraud Investigation Unit contacted those responsible for the e-wallet and managed to refund the amount to the complainant.

Crime branch officials have once again called on people not to click on any unknown link sent by anyone. In the event of fraud, the victim must immediately notify the hotline (7049124445).

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2022, 10:32 PM IST


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