Tumblr users can now send tips directly to their favorite blogs


Tumblr is adding another way to tip bloggers directly by allowing users to use a new blog-level tipping feature. The feature, which launched on Wednesday, follows the release of other tipping options introduced last month.

Blog-level tips basically work the same as the previously announced features. But, instead of just sending tips for a specific post, Tumblr users can now show their appreciation for their favorite creators’ entire blog.

“This will be good news for creators because it allows blog-level tipping without tying the tip to a specific post,” Tumblr said. “This is particularly important for those interested in fan art, for example.”

The small catch is that blog-level tips are launched in a limited capacity. At the moment, it is only available on the web version of Tumblr and the iOS app. But the company has promised that it is working to bring the feature to Android devices and that it will “launch soon”.

Tumblr has introduced new ways to help bloggers monetize their content on the platform. Last month, the company announced a tip jar feature, which allows users to send post-level tips. So if they come across a post they like, they can tip its creator directly via a tip coin icon above the like button.

Post-level tips are currently only available on the Tumblr website. But it is confirmed to launch on Android and iOS later.

When the tip jar launched last month, it was only available to users in the United States. But the company has expanded the coverage of tipping features, and it’s now available to bloggers and users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and Australia. UK.

Tumblr bloggers in these countries can now enable the tip icon for their pages. Bloggers must also be at least 18 years old to be allowed to accept tips. They can only collect tips from original posts, but they can also accept tips through their secondary blogs.

Users can also write a note to bloggers when they tip, unless they want to send them money anonymously. Meanwhile, Tumblr also said that group blogs, password-protected blogs, and pages flagged as having explicit, adult-only content will not be eligible to accept tips on the platform.

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