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I am delighted to share news of NICE’s latest exciting initiative, our Voluntary Sector (VCS) Forum.

The Forum brings together a range of organizations that wish to inform and shape our work. It is a way for health and care charities and non-profit groups to share their organisation’s views, perspectives and priorities with key NICE decision makers.

Since its inception, NICE has worked closely with organizations that work on behalf of those most directly affected by our advice – patients, carers, the public, advocates and service users. Voluntary sector organizations are invaluable in ensuring that the breadth of perspectives from across society is reflected in the guidance we produce.

This expertise also has the potential to help us shape NICE’s strategic approaches, and in particular, our approach to how we work with, involve and engage different groups of people and communities.

Why should you join?

The VCS Forum is an opportunity to collaborate with NICE in new and exciting ways – you will work in partnership with senior NICE staff and Board members to shape and transform the way NICE operates. Working within the framework of the Forum will have a direct benefit and impact on the lives of the people you help.

NICE’s role is to improve the health and well-being of people by placing science and evidence at the heart of health and care decision-making. We welcome constructive challenges and a wide range of views when making difficult and complex decisions based on evidence, balancing efficiency and the best use of public funding – helping to protect the NHS and providing maximum value to the taxpayer.

The forum means you will have the opportunity to get involved in NICE projects such as the development of our updated public participation policy, to ensure that the opinions of the people you work with help shape our future work.

Change the way we do things

We want the forum to help us transform the way NICE works, which will improve the lives of the people you work with and the health and care services they receive. Working with other voluntary sector organizations that also collaborate with NICE will be an opportunity to build a network of support, as well as share your own organizational priorities.

The first meeting of the Forum

We held the first of the forum’s quarterly meetings in October, with over 70 organizations in attendance and offering their outstanding ideas and enthusiasm. We heard from NICE Chief Executive Sam Roberts about NICE’s vision for the future and discussed how the voluntary sector can be an integral part of that vision. We also heard from a senior member of NICE’s technology team, Jenna Dilkes, about our plans to take a proportionate approach in our assessment of new technologies. It was a good start for this new way of working.

Who can join the forum?

The forum is open to all organizations that are eligible to be stakeholders in the work of NICE. We particularly appreciate the participation of those working in public health and health promotion, as well as social care services, and those working with historically underserved populations.

Even if you can’t attend quarterly meetings, you can still exert influence and be part of a community. We will send links to the recordings of each meeting so you can follow what happened. We will also send regular email updates to the forum to let you know what is happening as a result of your involvement and contribution and provide you with opportunities to influence in other ways.

How can I join?

To join the forum or to find out more, visit the NICE Association and Community Sector Forum page on the NICE website and click on the “request to join the forum” button. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please join us on this journey to help us ensure that people and communities remain at the heart of everything NICE does. We look forward to working with you.


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