The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.: ONLINE: Community Herbalism Workshop with Laura Ash


The world needs more herbalists.

A community herbalist is someone who takes care of their community, their family, their neighbors and themselves, by making herbal medicines with medicinal plants, local or elsewhere, for common ailments (cough, colds, flu, cuts, etc.). A community herbalist marries traditional healing practices with modern research.

In this class with Laura Ash, clinical herbalist for 16 years, owner of Scarlet Sage and founder of Verse, we will have the opportunity to talk about 5 herbs to support boosting immunity, cold and flu season, and discuss what’s most important to the community as we change seasons. You’ll get recipes for this upcoming cold/flu season, including teas, medicinal broth, and elderberry syrup.

This course is an introduction to what the Verse 9-Month Community Herbalist Certification will delve into.
*This course takes place online. Live participation is strongly encouraged, but we understand that life happens. There will be a video replay for pre-registered students who cannot attend.

How to Access the Zoom Link + Video Replay: You will receive a link upon registration to access the live course zoom link, video replay and course materials through our secure online learning platform, Thinkific.


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