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New Delhi, March 18: The internal Congress battle appears to be heading for a truce as Gandhis has actively reached out to dissidents with party leader Rahul Gandhi, who has not had a good equation with the former minister in Haryana’s leader, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, met him on Thursday and listened to his grievances.

It is likely that the Hoodas have carte blanche in Haryana affairs.

Similarly, the Gandhi family reaches out to every person in the “Group G-23″who demand a drastic overhaul of the functioning of the party, either personally or through an emissary.

The G-23 met Thursday at the residence of top leader Ghulam Nabi Azad after Hooda’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

The former CM, a popular leader in Haryana, is one of the key figures in the G-23 and has been one of the regular participants in the meetings, but the meeting with Rahul Gandhi is said to be for the redress of the group’s grievances and in particular for Hooda who is likely to be appointed leader of the Haryana party, a key demand from his supporters.

However, Congress leaders called for the expulsion of Kapil Sibal, who spoke out against the Gandhis, saying he went against the CWC resolution.

The G-23 met on Wednesday and issued a statement calling for an overhaul of the Congress organization and accountability of those involved in the electoral process.

“We believe that the only way forward for the Congress is to adopt the model of collective and inclusive leadership and decision-making at all levels… to oppose the BJP, there is a need to strengthen the Congress party. We demand that the Congress Party begin a dialogue with like-minded forces to create a platform that paves the way for a credible alternative in 2024,” the statement read.

After issuing a statement on ‘collective’ and ‘inclusive’ leadership, Congress dissidents in the group said they were not opposed to Sonia Gandhi’s leadership but that the removal of those responsible for the party’s downfall was essential.

This is contrary to what Sibal had said about Gandhis leaving, but many have called it his personal view.

The statement released by the group on Wednesday did not mention the withdrawal of the Gandhi family, indicating that both parties want an amicable solution to the problem.

Party leader Vivek Tankha said, “This is not a rebellion. The group wants the organization of the Congress to be reorganized and those involved in the electoral process to be held accountable.


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