The Elder Scrolls Online community is working to unlock Explorer Celebration bonuses in the last 24 hours


The Elder Scrolls Online The community has about 24 hours left to continue reaching milestones in the Heroes of High Isle event to unlock even more time in the next Explorers Celebration.

The community has already reached 100% completion for the initial objectives, unlocking a free copy of the Firesinger DLC for all High Isle Chapter owners, but there are still potential bonus days ahead. Along with The Explorer’s Celebration, there’s a slew of XP bonuses all over Tamriel and almost anything you do will earn you extra XP, so getting bonus days here would be a good thing.

The bonus challenge is to go around and close the High Isle volcanic vents. Currently, as of this writing, bonus challenge completion sits at 58%, which means there have already been two days unlocked (by reaching 25% on the bonus challenge meter) and the possibility to take out two more if they can get the bonus meter up to 50% in the next 24 hours. The Bonus Challenge ends tomorrow, October 11, at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Two days for the event are unlocked with each level reached by 25%, which means that by getting more than 50%, there will be at least four days for this next incarnation of the event.

Achieving 100% of these volcanic vent goals would open the event to a possible eight days. Last year, the Blackwood Bonus Challenge hit its targets 100%, leading to a massive event with eight bonus days for almost anything you could do.

The ESO team will be updating the completion meter throughout the event, and once everything is final, prepare for the Explorer’s Celebration to follow.

To learn more about the challenge, progress so far, and to keep an eye on that completion counter, head over to the announcement at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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