The Crystal Sky has built an online community of crystal lovers through its monthly Instagram Live sales

Molly Bean-Harding has a business called The Crystal Sky which she started during lockdown, she sells crystals and has developed a large following on Instagram.

Molly Bean-Harding, 30, from Portsmouth, created The Crystal Sky during lockdown to share her love of crystals with the world. Living with two chronic illnesses, Molly has used crystals and other holistic approaches to help with day-to-day life. So she wanted to be able to help others through her business.

Molly said: ‘During lockdown I think everyone was looking for a way to heal internally and looked inside themselves a lot, and crystals are a really good way to do that. I feel really lucky that it took off so quickly, especially since it’s something I love so much.

“A lot of stores sell crystals but people don’t know how to use them, so we try to teach people and make them easy to use.” We have many blogs on our website so you can learn how to use, program and clean them.

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“When you buy crystals from The Crystal Sky, you not only get the gemstones, you take on a mindset and bind your intentions to those crystals. It’s a great way to stay focused on your goals, whatever let them be.

Molly has a unique way of connecting with her customers by hosting sales on Instagram Live for her 14.1 thousand followers, where she shows her audience what crystals are available, and viewers around the world can request to buy them in time. real.

She said, “I have a different crystal table every month, usually with a different theme. I will hold the crystals and show them and they all have a price on them, and if anyone wants it just comment to buy it. It’s really exciting, it’s a really fun night and a great way to connect with my clients.

Molly Bean Harding

Molly said that by selling premium crystals at good prices, she hopes to make it more accessible to people who want to start their crystal journey.

To find out more, visit and find The Crystal Sky on Instagram and Facebook.

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