The 7 Best Psychology Blogs for Finding the Latest Research


It’s human nature to make constant progress and find ways to understand and improve human behavior. You will get better results in this regard if you implement methods from the latest psychological research into your life.

Psychology is a broad subject with a wide variety of research on the human brain and its behaviors. This knowledge is very valuable and informative for ordinary people like you and us.

So here are seven blogs worth reading about recent research, trends, and discoveries in psychology. These blogs make it easier to keep abreast of the latest developments and make contemporary literature available to the community.


This blog has been publishing scientific research in psychology since 2004. The author, Dr. Jeremy Dean, who holds a doctorate in psychology, has included peer-reviewed scientific research on the blog.

This blog covers a variety of scientific research, including topics such as mental health, changing habits, intelligence, memory, self-improvement, and more.

There are a number of science blog posts that are open to the public. However, there is also content that only members can access and read with a site membership.

If you follow PSYBLOG, it sends you daily or weekly emails about new research published on the site. This blog has over 50 categories you can choose from to read about any recent trend in psychology.


psychology today

Psychology Today is one of the most important websites related to psychology. It offers everything from research-focused content to how-to tips.

The blog has a section named Today where you get the latest news on recent publications in the field of psychology. It also includes essential reading and hot topics related to psychology.

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Another useful resource you can get from this website is its magazine, which has a number of science blogs. The content of the website is written by experts and contains many recent scientific publications to back up the points.

On top of all that, Psychology Today is an international forum where writers and therapists from around the world contribute content. You are sure to find something interesting to read and learn with this versatile blog.


PsychCentral is dedicated solely to psychology-related topics and contains sections such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, autism, and more. Each section includes scientific blogs and recent literature about them.

Interestingly, these blogs contain expert opinions from various psychologists, psychotherapists, and other experts. And the content provides up-to-date, evidence-based information on any psychological condition.

The website also provides you with advice and guidance based on clinical research to help you better understand mental health issues. You can even subscribe to the blog to receive recent blog posts by email.

Notes of two scientific psychologists

This blog is a treat for those who want to read about recent and old scientific literature on human behavior and psychology. The site is run by two qualified psychologists, Andrew D. Wilson and Sabrina Golonka.

Both Andrew and Sabrina are interested in scientific knowledge and are trained in cognitive science, language and neuroscience. So everything you read on this site is backed by a solid scientific basis.

You can find massive data on different scientific theories related to psychology. These scientific articles written in the form of blogs are easy to understand for ordinary readers.

The site also helps its readers get involved in blogging by commenting on old and new blog posts. These comments are read by the authors via the RSS feed and offer you the opportunity to engage in a direct discussion with them.

gradPSYCH Blog

As the name suggests, this blog is a valuable resource for graduate students interested in psychology. The site encourages the writing of articles on psychology, provides funds, and supports graduate students in many ways, such as granting funds for research.

It provides an excellent opportunity to help readers access the latest research and trends in psychology. Selected blog posts that are evidence-based are also nominated for publication in the APA journal.

The site also allows subscribers to get updates on recent research and blog posts via email. gradPSYCH is not just for students. You can also find a lot of great content to read about psychology.

Psychology in action

Psychology In Action is a blog hosted by PhD students in psychology to dispense scientific knowledge to the community and to those interested in reading and understanding psychology.

Through science communication, this blog showcases undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral student research on recent trends. He shares it so that people inside and outside the field of psychology can understand and reflect on the latest scientific research.

This blog contains diversity series articles focusing on different communities and their issues. It also includes interviews and podcasts with students and scientists reflecting on their research and discoveries.

Focused on progress

Progressfocused is another fantastic blog with scientific literature on various psychological topics. As the name suggests, the content on this site focuses on making progress and solving problems to get better solutions.

The site also provides evidence-based intervention for the issues discussed. It contains topics ranging from problem-solving approaches to psychological interventions tailored to address various psychological problems.

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Another fantastic feature of this blog is that it conducts interviews with psychology experts and asks them about their research and their field, and publishes those interviews.

The site also links to a book called Progress-Focused Approach available on Amazon. So, through Progressfocused, you get online and offline content to feed your appetite for psychological knowledge.

Stay up to date with the latest research in psychology

Psychology is an extremely diverse field with research on various topics. It is not easy to read journal articles if you are not a student or professional in psychology.

The science blogs mentioned above take published research and make it available to ordinary people to read and enjoy. These blogs contain authentic and evidence-based information.

As the sites are run by professionals who provide you with cutting-edge literature, you can use these blogs to improve your mental health, overall fitness, and behaviors for better productivity and a better lifestyle.

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