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TELL CITY—Tell City Athletics have their fair share of fans who support their teams every year. As parents come and go, there is unwavering support the town has for their school. Additionally, it has led Brady Meserve to create a Facebook page called We Are Marksmen which dives into all things happening in Tell City athletics. Meserve talks to Perry County News about creating the page.

1. When did the idea to start this page come to you, and how did you decide to put it all together when you thought about it?

The idea of ​​forming the band came to me shortly after Coach Lynch left for Charlestown. Tell City was looking for a new basketball coach and a wrestling coach. The Perry County News got several different new sportswriters after Larry Goffinet retired. I have been looking forward to this day for many years as my kids have been playing sports since they were old enough to walk to eventually be on the sports page.

I was worried that a new editor wouldn’t know all of the Tell City athletes, and their accomplishments might be overlooked or inadvertently missed. But, on the other hand, I knew that if I felt that way, there must be other parents or grandparents who felt that way too. So I wanted to create a group like a community where we could all brag about our Marksmen kids.

2. With this page, what do you hope people can understand when they see it? So how are you trying to get that message across?

I want people to understand that this page is not about me. I want to keep people informed of events, and I’ve tried to make sure everyone is involved in posting each of their child’s accomplishments.

For years, they have consistently garnered the most attention in the three major sports (football, basketball, and baseball). I know this is disappointing for these athletes and their parents. So I try to make sure boys and girls get attention in every extracurricular activity.

3. Since you launched the page, what has changed since it started?

I think people are more aware of the daily life of sport. Match times and venues, etc. But also, more people got involved and contributed to great things, which helps me and others know something we wouldn’t have otherwise.

4. Has there been more fan engagement with Tell City Athletics than you expected when you launched the page? If so, how did this engagement go? Did this happen through conversations? Shares?

I think there have been more people interested in sniper sports and athletes. It’s kind of like a TV show that you watch. After you get to know a character, you become interested in their subsequent actions and what happens to them. So I think at least seeing how an athlete performs in a game, a meet or an upcoming game each week.

5. One of the things I’ve noticed is that this page hopes to educate Tell City athletes, Tell City teams, coaches, etc. Do you think it raises awareness of athlete successes, team accomplishments, etc. ? How have you seen this impact for athletes who go to Tell City?

I think it made Tell City aware. There has been a lot shared on this, and many people are interested in helping in any way they can for Tell City athletics. Hopefully it will also help to see the numbers go up in all sports when kids see that there are people who genuinely care about their accomplishments.

6. How would you describe the characteristics of the Tell City athletics fan community?

I feel the Tell City fanbase and community are hungry for victory. Not just in one sport, and I’m not just talking about championships, but this is one of them. But they want to be competitive every day in every sport, and the involvement of so many parents, family members, and even TC staff has escalated and gone beyond that. School is about learning, but it’s not just about classroom learning and books. It’s about learning to be on time for practice, so the best you can do and when a problem arises, you may need to adjust and adapt. In losing and winning, there are many life goals in sports, and that’s what the sports community wants the administration to understand.

7. Given that you specifically have children who are part of Tell City Athletics, how much did that influence you to create the page? How do you think parenting these athletes helps you with this page?

The fact of having children pushed me to create this group. But in doing so, I realized that more people like me want the same for their children.

8. Finally, is there anything you would like to add to the page that I have not asked these questions?

I hope the We are Marksmen group can become a positive asset to the school, the players and the Perry County newspaper.


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