Suspect in attack on Pelosi’s husband has links to far-right blogs and social ties to 9/11 denier


SAN FRANCISCO — David DePape, who police say attacked the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco early Friday morning, has been linked to personal blogs railing against the government and giants technology and espoused far-right conspiracy theories.

DePape, 42, is charged with breaking into the couple’s home and hitting Mr. Paul Pelosi with a hammer. DePape was taken into custody on Friday and is charged with attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse and burglary.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said the motive was “still being determined.”

On a website taped to a David DePape, posts, some as recent as this week, targeted immigrants, ‘climate hysteria’, ‘trannies’ and promoted ‘pedo gate’ theory of the long-debunked conspiracy that prominent Democrats were involved in child sex trafficking.

“This is what the gas chamber doors of Auschwitz look like,” he wrote in a post.

“So feminists always talk about how they want equality,” reads another article.

Using the search site, Bloomberg News found several websites registered to a David DePape. They include FrenlyFrenz, a blog containing slurs against immigrants, Jews and women.

Another site registered as David DePape hosts the blog of Mrs. Gypsy Taub, friend and former roommate of DePape. A WordPress blog with posts under the name David DePape contains identical spellings of its targets, such as “wamen” for “women”.

It could not be independently verified that these were the accounts of the suspect arrested in the attack on Mr Pelosi. Public records show only one David DePape living in California, who is also 42 years old.

On one of the blogs, a post complained about the “elites” and the “ruling class”, who “never censor themselves”.

The news media, he said in an undated bio page, has a “narrative put forward by the people who govern you.”

“The founding father(s) built in protection from government censorship because they never imagined a day when tech giants and private industry would be so powerful that they could single-handedly silence the people,” he wrote.

The site has since been suspended for violating the host’s terms of service.

The most recent blog was extensive, filled with videos, memes, colorful cartoons, and categorized into sections with titles such as “voter fraud” and “grooming schools.”

“Yeah, I remember the backlash and the slurs when you showed your support for Trump,” he posted of rapper Kanye West on Oct. 17.


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