Philly Startup Leaders rethinks its online community with a new networking platform


In an effort to keep its members better connected and informed in an increasingly hybrid world, Leaders of startups in Philadelphia launched a new platform with updated events, company and individual profiles, and announcements in one place.

The organization, which hosts programs and events for start-up entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia area, is finally withdrawing its Soft channel while watching this new platform – PSL connection – to be a more efficient way to keep members informed, general manager Isabelle kent noted.

“Because there are no strong profiles or records on Slack, it’s difficult to keep track of businesses, people, and requests over time,” Kent said. Technically via Slack DM.

The organization’s #general Slack channel currently has nearly 5,000 users, and it’s difficult to keep tabs on new entrants, so the platform has become “a bit spammy,” she said. PSL Connect offers profiles for individuals and start-ups, and can help target community members if you are looking to find someone who is, for example, a social media expert, a venture capitalist. or a founder.

Profiles share the location, title, specialties, interests, and contact details of users, if they have shared them. By the fall, Kent said, the platform will have group and chat functionality that can host micro-communities for topics like developers, insurance and impact entrepreneurs or even geographic communities like Bucks County or Fishtown.

“The goal is to help members be more empowered to find the most relevant resources, mentors and relationships they need right now,” said Kent. “Additionally, it helps us and other community partners to better understand the industries, stages, demands and investments happening across the city.”

Kent added that although the platform launched this week, the organization’s Slack channel will still be available at least until the end of the year. Ultimately, the platform will solicit a donation of around $ 20 per month that will allow the organization (which is non-profit) to cover its operating costs and continue to develop the platform. Free subscriptions will be available for those who might need help, Kent added.

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