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What’s more fun than having a domain that says OMG.LOL? Not too long ago, I found this little online service that provides a one-page personal website at an affordable price for anyone who loves fun (and business too)! Anyway, I was immediately drawn to this field, I mean how can you resist having as personal domain?

At first glance, you can ignore it as just another one of those sites, until you start subscribing at US$5/yr and find out what else you can do. For starters, it gives you a personal domain,, with full control of DNS records, which means you can have How cool is that? I don’t think I’ve found any other $5/yr services that offer the same thing AND without any ads or trackers!

If having access to the DNS record isn’t your thing, your OMG.LOL subscription also includes your own email forwarding, Usually email forwarding does not allow you to send using this email, however if you are subscribed to you can add your email and SEND using this address E-mail. Cool, huh?

There are other features that are bundled together at no extra cost, such as your own pastebin (online clipboard), an IRC and Mastodon service (, and a next status page ( To top it off, it comes with an API that lets you build using the services.

Speaking of API, I personally started playing around with the statuslog service at At first I accessed it using “curl” on my Raspberry Pi. It was really easy because the APIs are very well documented at Once I got it working using “curl”, I worked out an iOS/macOS shortcut that will allow me to update my status. After a few tries (and a minor bug that caused Shortcut to stop processing data, which was resolved very quickly), I got my Shortcut working. What’s left for me is to figure out how to type an emoji from the shortcut keyboard on Mac!

Get your own fun online space at for US$5/yr, while it hasn’t raised its prices yet. The services they bundle are really impressive, and I hear there will be a number more additions soon! Join the fun!




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