NRLW 2022: Women’s All Stars, Kennedy Cherrington Players Diary


Hi all! Kennedy Cherrington here from New Zealand Maori ferns. I’ll send you a daily recap of everything happening at Harvey Norman All Stars Camp!

We arrived at camp on Monday afternoon with a mix of new players and familiar girls from last year, which was really good.

I’m especially looking forward to spending the week getting to know Katelyn Vaha’akolo. We’ve been friends on TikTok for ages, but we’ve never played side-by-side before, so keep an eye on our socials!

Arriving at the camp is an incredible feeling. We are treated very well and the program focuses not only on the upcoming game, but also on our cultural identity. Our team room consists of plenty of space and we have a ping pong table to make sure we are always busy.

We were also lucky enough to have an e-learning session with Therabody as soon as we arrived at camp, who provided us with theraguns for the week. Theraguns help with recovery and performance and it was especially interesting to hear how often they should be used.

Our Taonga.
©Kennedy Cherrington

After the session, our Maori team presented our Taonga to us at the camp and it was a special moment. They represent strength and unity within our team and the whanau (family).

It’s a bit of a different camp this year with the COVID-19 restrictions in place. We have to undergo two rapid antigen tests a day – one between 5 and 6 am and one in the afternoon after training.

On Tuesday morning we attended Sydney Zoo in western Sydney for an official welcoming ceremony with all four teams.

We performed the Karanga Aotearoa, a call to New Zealand, as part of the ceremony. After that we were able to feed a few animals before returning to camp to prepare for training.

Katelyn, Rangi-Marie, Autumn-Rain and I at the zoo.

Katelyn, Rangi-Marie, Autumn-Rain and I at the zoo.
©Kennedy Cherrington

Training and nutrition go hand in hand in the game, so I made sure to eat well before hitting the field. I’m generally pretty straightforward with the diet, but it’s definitely something I’ve improved with since I’ve been in the NRLW. I already knew what to do, but it was about respecting my body a little more.

When we are at camp we are lucky to have food provided so we can plan our meals around training. I don’t do protein shakes unless it’s at camps and just drink lots of water.

Most mornings I take Nutri-Grain or overnight oats with berries and yogurt for breakfast. Then I’m looking to have a ‘double lunch’ and snack on a peanut butter sandwich or muesli bars, then I’ll have lunch – anything with rice, whether it’s chicken, beef or tuna .

Spaghetti bolognese is my favorite dish for dinner, but I also love chicken caesar salad, tuna pasta, and lasagna.

Nita and I did promotional work at Channel Nine studios.

Nita and I did promotional work at Channel Nine studios.
©Parra Digital

As props, we love carbs and I’m not going to lie after a game, we love a cheat meal!

For me it has to be McDonalds…my ultimate meal (look away mom) is a big quarter pound meal with no pickles, no onions, a steamed bun with a coke and big fries . I might even add an extra chicken, cheeseburger and apple pie.

See you tomorrow for another update!



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