My singing is so bad… | Texas Cooperative Power


I couldn’t transport a melody with a forklift.
Jay Weber, Pedernales EC | St. Mark

My dog ​​moved to an animal rescue kennel.
Ralph Jones, United Cooperative Services | Morgan

In second grade, the music teacher was a friend of the family. She gave me a D in music on my report card. I shouted at my mother, “I don’t understand. I sang louder than anyone else in class.
John Lawson, EC of Guadalupe Valley | Schertz

The dog will howl, which improves the sound.
Cindy Jones, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Someone once said to me: “Before, I wished I could sing. Now I wish you could.”
Jerry Brewer, EC of the Navasota Valley | franklin

I can’t fit a melody in a wheelbarrow.
Lisa Althaus, Central Texas CE | Fredericksburg

My students used to beg me to scratch my fingernails on the board instead.
hobby rather, Southern Plains EC | Lubbock

My senior year at Coronado High School in Lubbock, they closed the school thinking it was the tornado warning system.
Tommy Novak, Southern Plains EC | shallow water

Cats throw shoes at me.
Mark Browning, Sam Houston EC | Goodrich

When I rocked my toddler to sleep at night, he would say, “Mommy, don’t sing.
Barbara B. Baker, CoServ | Allen

I always told everyone who sat before me in church that they sat on the sacrificial seat.
George B. Birtchet, HILCO EC | Midlothian

They ask me to sing solo, so low they can’t hear me.
Shaler Wells, Pedernales EC | round rock

It makes dogs bark and babies cry. (But they both like my whistle.)
Jacqueline Kinghorn | Through Facebook


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