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Muzaffarnagar, September 29: In a bizarre incident, doctors operating on a man in Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh found 63 spoonfuls in his stomach.

Vijay Kumar, 32, underwent a two-hour operation at a private hospital after complaining of severe stomach pain.

The patient, who is in intensive care recovering from surgery, told doctors he was forced to ‘eat’ the spoons at a drug rehabilitation centre.

According to Ajay Chaudhary, the patient’s nephew, “We had brought our uncle here to a private hospital because he was complaining of severe stomach ailments and had been diagnosed with many spoons in his stomach. We had admitted him to a rehab center a year ago where it appears he was forced to consume these spoonfuls.

Dr Rakesh Khurana, the doctor who operated on Vijay, said: ‘He was brought to me 15 days ago and on x-ray we found something metallic in his stomach and large intestine. When I asked the patient, he said he was fed these spoons. The operation lasted two hours. We have never done this kind of extraction before.

All heads from all spoons have been removed before consumption.

So far, no police complaint has been filed in this case.

Doctors said they could not say for sure when the patient consumed these spoonfuls.


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