MUSEWIRE by Christopher Simmons Named to Feedspot’s Top 60 Music Blogs of 2021


The publication covers new music, new music technology and equipment, as well as selected news from music education and music business.

TEMECULA, Calif., January 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MuseWire was selected by Feedspot panelists as one of the top 60 music industry blogs on the web. Musewire™ (aka Music Industry Newswire™) covers music creators, music gear, the music industry and related topics; created in 2005. A publication of Neotrope®. Edited by Christopher Laird Simmonstechnology journalist since 1984 and member of ASCAP.

“It was a nice honor out of the blue,” says Christopher Simmons. “MuseWire was a pretty big news portal before 2016 when I narrowed things down to a personal blog due to the explosion of ‘me too’ music news sites and not all version updates of a music plugin.”

“I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 60 Music Industry Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you here!” said the founder of Feedspot. Anuj Agarwal.

“I hope to improve the site by turning it into a video channel on YouTube in 2022,” adds Simmons. “Video is definitely more compelling for a lot of things now, like music tech reviews and tutorials. Since I just built a new home studio, the timing is about right.”

About MuseWire:

MuseWire is an online magazine published and edited by Christopher Simmons, an award-winning artist, author, musician, photographer and creative. The publication covers new music, new music technology and equipment, as well as selected news on music education and music business. MuseWire was originally known as Music Industry Newswire (MIN) before being renamed and downsized around 2016.

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About Feedspot:

Feedspot is a content reader. It helps you track multiple websites in one place so you don’t have to visit each website to see what’s new. “Feedspot makes tracking your favorite websites as easy as checking your email.”

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On Christopher Simmons:

Christopher Laird Simmons has worked as a journalist since 1984, when he sold his first article on the music industry to POLYPHONY magazine (acquired by MIX and now Electronic Musician). Later, he wrote for various pubs including Computer Player, Digital Imaging, Micro Publishing News, Spazz, Graphic Artist’s Guild newspaper, among others. He has been widely interviewed on topics related to technology, marketing, health and entertainment.

His full-time position is that of CEO and Founder of NEOTROPE® and Send2Press®.

As a musician, he played in several bands in the 80s, including PROJECT 11 and PETS GONE WILD (featured in the “Calendar” section of the LA Times and in a “Band Name of the Week” in the LA Weekly). His music has been played on late night space radio stations and received positive reviews in Electronic Musician and magazines like SYNE. A CD of his mid-80s music was released on Neotrope® Records in 2000, “BESERKER” available on most streaming platforms.

His music was used for two cable television productions in the late 1980s in California: the award-winning films “VIDKIDCO” and “Viewpoints on Video” from the Long Beach Museum of Art.

It is quoted in two music books: “The music business for dummies” (ISBN: 978-1119049654) and “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Industry(ISBN: 978-1608325788; Greenleaf Book Group Press), both by industry veteran Loren Weisman.

He has no connection with a Canadian keyboard player of the same name, nor with a graphic designer based in San Franciscoalso of the same name.

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