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The city – sliced, diced and served with a drizzle of sauce

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Grounded for the gram

A girl walks the Gateway of India promenade to get the perfect frame

For memory

Now this is a school you would dream of going to. The Recording Academy is one of the world’s leading music production organizations. The organization runs the Grammys and has a new desi name on its roster. Mumbai-born singer-songwriter Subhi Khanna has been invited among the 2,700 new entrants to the academy’s 2022 list. The Indian-American singer told this newspaper: “In recent years, the Recording Academy has been an advocate for diversity and equality. I am grateful to represent my music in Hindi and English as an Indian American singer. The singer admitted that she was very excited to compete at the upcoming Grammys with an extra vote.

Aarey, music in the subway

The band performed in a subway compartment on Sunday
The band performed in a subway compartment on Sunday

Last Sunday, subway passengers were surprised. A chorus of “Aareychi kaalji re amha, Aareychi kaalji re,” accompanied by cajón beats, harmonium notes and guitar strumming, greeted them. A musical protest unfolded as the enthusiastic group of around 20 sang inside a compartment of the moving Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro, reminding commuters that hurting nature will only hurt us in return. Videos of the collective, which calls itself Aarey Key Foundation, have since been making the rounds on social media and WhatsApp circles in the city. DJ Nikhil Padmakar Wede, who is part of Aarey Key, told us that they are all residents of Aarey. “When the protests resumed, we started to think about how we could express ourselves. There is a Marathi song called Dewa chi kaalji re. We changed the lyrics to talk about Aarey. The song expresses our concern for Aarey, its trees and its wildlife. We say we are determined to fight for Aarey against anyone, be it the police or the government,” he told us. They moved to the subway compartment after police dispersed protesters in Aarey on Sunday. “The idea was to spread the word among people who might not be aware,” he added.

Call for blows for version 2.0

Interiors of YOUnion 2.0 at Kamala Mills

With 300 shots, 25 cocktails and a whole new vibe, restaurateur Zorawar Kalra’s popular youth bar, YOUnion, is set to relaunch in a 2.0 avatar this Friday. Kalra told us that he will continue to innovate and relaunch new “seasons” of the gastrobar every year or a year and a half to keep it fresh.

“The idea is to keep updating the restaurant according to current trends. We’re going to be making amazing shots and drinks, which remain our focus, as well as new dishes, including a gourmet menu of burgers and pizzas. We will also serve coffee. The Mumbai nightlife scene has shown us a lot of love, and we hope it will happen again,” he confirmed.

Are you a climate warrior?

If you’re a climate worrier and warrior, here’s some good news., a global climate careers platform, will host the first online climate job fair in India on July 20 for professionals of all skills and sectors and will include several offers employment. Anshuman Bapna, its co-founder and CEO, told this columnist, “Our vision is to create a fluid marketplace where talented people across India can discover incredible businesses and nonprofits impacting climate in one place. This allows them to have an overview of the avenues where their skills could apply. The organization believes these roles will help companies ensure their products are more sustainable and provide support to communities already impacted by climate change.


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