Money Diary 32 years old, technical manager on 68k


Occupation: Agile Delivery Manager
Industry: Technology (fintech)
Age: 32
Site: London
Salary: £68,500
Paycheck amount: £3,550.14
Number of roommates: One (my tenant, C) and my adorable foster cat, P.
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses

Housing costs : Mortgage of £801.55, rent of £779.57 and service charge. This is offset by my tenant paying £950 per month (including bills) which covers around half of my housing and bill expenses.
Loan payments: £0
Savings? £8,375 in Vanguard index funds, £1,790 in cryptocurrencies, £5,550 in work Sharesave scheme, £700 in shares donated by work during the pandemic, £2,403 in an instant access savings account.
Pension? I pay 5% of my salary and my work brings in 10%.
Utilities: Thames Water £20, Octopus Energy £36, heating and hot water £50 through my building supplier, internet £25. I am currently not paying council tax as I am still waiting for my council to process my application. I suspect it will be around £120.
All other monthly expenses: £15 pay as you go mobile with EE. £120 (£30 per week) Gousto meal box subscription, which includes six meals. £59.85 tennis lessons (one hour per week). £8.50 RSPCA donation,
£20 donation for London Inner City Kitties (matched by my work), £13 donation for children’s education. Subscriptions: £9.15 Netflix, £9.99 Spotify, £7.99 Amazon, £7.99 Deliveroo Plus, £2.49 Apple storage.


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