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Online communities have never been more important to our mental health and well-being than in the past two years.

Such a community is @cbrmamas. A thriving platform that spotlights Canberra mums and their unique stories as well as hosting events to connect IRL, cbrmamas aims to make all aspects of motherhood normal and spotlight perfect services for moms of bubs of all ages.

We chatted with the team behind cbrmamas to talk about connection, parenting in a pandemic, and sharing the truths of motherhood.

Who is behind Cbrmamas?

Yasmine: The cbrmamas team currently consists of three women.

Myself, Yasmin Edgerley (middle photo), first-time mum to one-year-old Noa, who inherited the page from her original creator in October 2021, Krissy Kelland (left photo), first-time mum de Tilly, six months, and Lauren Brunskill (pictured right) a mom-to-be due in July.

I inherited the community from the cbrmamas founder and completed the team with Krissy and Lauren earlier this year.

What’s great about the team is that not only do we share a passion for community and connecting Canberra mums, but we’re all at different stages of our motherhood journey, which also benefits our approach. , our experience and our content for our community of moms.

What inspired the team to create cbrmamas?

Yasmine: cbrmamas founder Olivia, who owns two other businesses, launched the Instagram page and website as a platform for moms to share their stories in March 2021.

In October 2021, I jumped at the chance to take over Olivia’s page because I already loved the community that had been created.

Although the team as it is now was not part of the original creation, we are extremely passionate about advancing Olivia’s legacy and have worked hard to grow and nurture the community by building, connecting, educating and promoting positivity for the Canberra mum community.

What do you want the cbrmamas community to provide to its members?

Krissy: Cbrmamas is a place designed for mums in Canberra to connect, share their stories and seek solidarity through the ups and downs of everyday motherhood.

The heart of cbrmamas is for mums to share their stories on their journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, so that will continue to be our primary focus.

So far, over 100 moms have shared their stories and we’re blown away by their honesty and openness. We have seen the impact their stories have had on other mothers, to help them not feel alone on their journey and to give them a sense of relativity and connection to what other mothers have been/are going through. .

We’ve opened up important conversations about pregnancy loss, fertility treatment, breastfeeding challenges, traumatic births, and medical conditions – to name a few.

Lauren: On top of that, we’re seeing great things for the community and with nothing else like this in Canberra, we’re working to improve the platform and the community as a whole, to include more education, of connection and collaboration – both online and in person.

We also want cbrmamas to continue to promote self-care for moms and also provide ways to do this through events.

We understand motherhood can be overwhelming and lonely at times so if we can use the cbrmamas platform to give Canberra mums somewhere to go to seek solidarity, information and connection then we would be very happy mamas !

Many first-time moms (and veteran moms!) say it’s hard to connect with women in similar situations. What was your experience with this?

Yasmine: Whether you’re a first-time mum or a veteran mum, it’s incredibly important to have the support of other mums throughout your journey – especially during a pandemic where many mums’ groups have been non-existent, or online , and especially during your maternity leave with your first baby.

Sharing the truths of motherhood is not something all women are exposed to growing up, or even throughout adulthood, until they become a mom, and that’s where our plate -shape comes into play.

Krissy: On a personal level, Yas and I experienced loss in our first pregnancies and found that miscarriage is not something that is often talked about openly. We want to fight this stigma, through our platform.

On top of that, we find that it’s not common for people to talk openly about the struggles of becoming a mom or being a mom, but we feel like our platform is changing that for our community.

Moms contact us every day to thank us for being open, honest and real about motherhood.

Lauren: Our Friday Instagram takeovers are proving hugely popular for this form of connection, giving moms the opportunity to showcase their mom life and creating important conversations and connections.

It is through sharing that we connect, we see ourselves in others and we discover that we are not alone.

Tell us about the cbrmamas events – what happens and what purpose do you hope these events serve?

Lauren: Our anniversary event was our very first event and a stepping stone to where we would like to see the community flourish in the future.

We were overwhelmed with the support for the event, both from the women who attended and from the many local businesses who donated to the evening, so we are delighted to continue hosting events.

We are currently planning what the rest of 2022 will look like for the cbrmamas community, which will certainly include more kid-friendly, meet-and-greet, and educational events.

What do you see as the future of cbrmamas?

Krissy: We are focused on continuing to build this community to reach as many mums in Canberra as possible.

We would like to have frequent dates in the calendar throughout the year where moms can come and connect with others.

Yasmine: We are also working to collaborate with professionals in Canberra to take a more educational approach with our content as well.

Long-term goals would be to use it as a venue for women’s advocacy and to branch out nationally.

What can mums do if they want to be on the site?

Cbrmamas offers two “mama chats” a week and was very lucky that each mom reached out personally to share their stories, and many continue to do so.

If anyone is interested in sharing their story, please contact the team at [email protected], DM them on Instagram @cbrmamas or visit our website


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