Mike McNeill’s Diary for Wednesday, July 20, 2022: What to Plant Now | Diary of Mike McNeill


It’s hot as hell over there. It’s not a time we associate with planting vegetables. But we were curious, so we searched. Southern Arkansas is in hardiness zone 8, according to the USDA. Mid-July is the time to plant beans, Brussels sprouts, some types of corn, cucumbers, onions, peppers, squash and tomatoes. You will want to consult the extension service or your gardening friends to find out which varieties perform best. It’s still a little early to think about beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, lettuce and spinach. So if you’re inclined to do a little gardening and think you’ve missed the growing season, don’t despair. Something is always in season, or it’s always time to prepare for the next season. We bring this up because we want to encourage people in southern Arkansas to grow more of their own food, even if only in token amounts. Children need to know where food comes from and adults need to understand what farmers do.

Our new online survey asks if Arkansas should increase starting salary for teachers by $5,000 a year – up to $41,000. There has been an outpouring of public support for the increases since Gov. Asa Hutchinson said there was no support in the legislature for them. The legislature will have a special session next month, but teacher raises are not on the agenda. What do you think? Vote.

It’s the day of the moon – the 53rd anniversary of the first manned moon landing. The United States currently plans to return humans to the surface of the Moon in late 2025.

Silk is still there.

One year agowe reported that Magnolia Regional Medical Center’s most significant concern regarding COVID-19 was where critically ill patients could be referred for further treatment. CLICK HERE to see the story.

Another high school in the area moves to eight-a-side football. Parkers Chapel, who went 1-8 as a Class 2A side last season, had been marked to move up to what could be the toughest in Class 3A with Junction City, Prescott, Smackover, Horatio, Gurdon and Fouke. The number of eight-man teams in Arkansas is growing rapidly — there will be at least 24 or more teams this fall with more expected next season. Other Southern Arkansas teams playing eight-man this fall will be Dermott, Hermitage, Spring Hill, Strong, Woodlawn, Genoa Central, Cutter Morning Star and Fountain Lake.

We’ve seen some local restaurants apologize online for raising their prices. It’s nice of them, but unnecessary. Everyone understands that they are in a pinch of price and supply.

Interesting statistics. Stars and Stripes reports that the The US Army will be short of 28,000 soldiers of its goal by the end of fiscal year 2022, leaving the service with between 445,000 and 452,000 members. Recruitment traditionally suffers when civilian jobs are plentiful. But it is also a matter of national security.

Central Baptist Church had its masonry patched and painted.

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