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I met Joe Pieratt, who recently bought the Three Friends & Co building. on the west side of Magnolia Square. He’s our neighbor on the corner. He is renovating the building to make it a rental property. He has a client but said he doesn’t want to steal the client’s thunder about what will happen to the property. We will find out in due time. The square is a wonderful location for new or established retail or professional businesses. There is also a wide range of sizes. Joe’s building is approximately 3,200 square feet. Reporter Mansion is approximately 2,100 square feet. 104-106 N. Washington—the former Central Hub which is actually a building—is 6,300 square feet. As buildings have been sold, resold and renovated over the years, the square footage has changed as holes have been drilled in the walls or rebuilt.

We write a lot about events around Magnolia Square because we live and work here. But there is progressive developments elsewhere in town, both real and supposed. We drove on Sunday to a subdivision where two new homes and additions to a few others are being built. There may be news in the near future regarding the development of a new housing estate on the north side of town. Many opportunities exist for new and expanding businesses in Magnolia.

The dairy queen sign indicates that the restaurant plans to reopen on Thursday. Blizzards can’t wait.

jerry thomas is one of three candidates for president of John Wood Community College in Quincy, Illinois. He has served as Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment at National Park College in Hot Springs since 2016. He worked at Southern Arkansas University from 1993 to 2013 in positions in student affairs and as an adjunct instructor in the history of United States.

Drax Biomass was fined $3.2 million for air pollution at its wood pellet plants in Bastrop and Urania, LA. A news report said the $1.6 million pair of settlements was the largest paid to Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality in a decade. The quotes relate to the release of organized volatile compounds that create smog at ground level.

Shake and bake.

J. Taken from the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Diary definition. 1: a record of events, transactions or observations kept daily or at frequent intervals: DIARY especially: a daily record of personal activities, thoughts or feelings. 2: a book intended or used for a diary.

There’s nothing more satisfying than searching for an item, then walking into a Magnolia business and find it under a large screen, just in front.

Five years ago, we reported that laurel wilt had begun to kill sassafras in Columbia County. CLICK HERE to see the story.

News reports indicate that perhaps dozens of strokes were fired Saturday afternoon near the Playscape in El Dorado.

We have seen some telltale signs of Christmaswhich is 82 days.

We suspect that Japan is much better prepared to defend against North Korea than Japan suggests.

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