Marxist Improper Words: “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” in Academia | Michael Vanyukov


“A fairer society” by a communist

Like most if not all American universities these days, the University of Pittsburgh, aka Pitt, “is committed to becoming an anti-racist institution,continues on its path of race warfare, the current form-shifting of Marxian class warfare. Of course, wars call for warriors. “The cadres decide everything”, as Comrade Stalin said. As a result, just for the University-wide office, Pitt hired a team of “diversity, equity and inclusion” experts. This triune word chain is relatively new but already as fixed as a “cash cow”, and the department under it has apparently had no difficulty in filling vacancies. Currently, according to its website, this team of political commissioners has 21 lucky ones, from vice-chancellor to administrative assistant. Commissioners, in full respect of the Peter principle, tirelessly produce “initiatives”, including the “Cluster Hire and Retention Initiative”. “Cluster” here, as everyone knows, is a pompous and obscure substitute for “group” – a racial group or other selected identity group, to be precise.

Empty as they are pointless (diversity of what?) but menacing as all political slogans are, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” bodes well. Buzzwords spawned by socialist totalitarian minds in a suitably Orwellian way, they mean things that are different, if not opposite, from what they should mean. Namely, “diversity” means an overt or implicit quota system for “underrepresented groups” rather than the fruitful diversity of ideas that an academic institution is supposed to nurture. Beware of anyone who disagrees with racist “diversity” based on insulting standards for members of these groups, whether those members want to be listed as such or not. His career may suffer significantly.

Of course, preferences for some groups mean discrimination against others. This can take two forms: negative selection and positive selection. The extreme form of negative selection was practiced in Germany, where Jews were expelled from all schools when the Nazis came to power. For a milder form of negative selection, the Soviet Union, like the Ivy League schools in that country until the 1960s, set low limits for the admission of Jews to certain institutions of higher learning – to prevent this ethnic minority from being “over-represented”, which would raise the evaluation criteria. requirements for non-Jewish applicants. Moreover, in keeping with the ongoing “class war”, students positively selected from the “working class” augmented by Party membership were admitted with ranks below the majority – a Soviet form of “affirmative action”.

In today’s United States, where, on average, Asians and Jews outperform other groups academically, they are discriminated against by the lack of positive selection of racial quotas, especially since the “white” majority, especially since the gap between the groups in the standards of admission is great. Newly capitalized “Diversity,” which drops quality to increase the amount of melanin in the student and faculty population, is the opposite of merit-based selection. Will the fruits of hiring and educating “diversity” accrue to all who benefit? Once applied, they will inevitably stain everyone in these groups – even if an individual has truly excelled – with the lower quality pigment.

Equating unequal is what ‘equity’ means, as opposed to its dictionary meaning of ‘absence of prejudice or favouritism’. It became a capitalized Orwellian misnomer, reversed to replace equal treatment of all groups with a preference for “underrepresented” groups, as if judging an individual by racial group attribution. , favored/disadvantaged, in the name of “anti-racism,” is not racism. As if enriching the roster of cardiology students with underperforming students would please everyone except the “Diversity, Equity” commissioners. and Inclusion”, until they themselves become victims of “Diversity-Equity” doctors.

This would be the true “Inclusion”, concluding the education that is now offered by the university of which I have been a part for more than 30 years, in the city that a professor of this university recently declared “the American city of the apartheid”. Yes, the discoverer of apartheid in Pittsburgh, a Pitt Law Associate Professor, is aware that this is “a jarring comparison at first sight.” Not that it gets any less so to any blush for anyone in their right mind who knows what real apartheid was, forcibly separating Africans and Herrenvolk Afrikaners in every aspect of life. Nowadays, the results of a web search for “apartheid” will include a slanderous label, accusing Israel of apartheid and Pittsburgh. Of course, this “inclusion” removes all real meaning from apartheid.

The misnomers serve their purpose. A tool of indoctrination, they must create a new mentality, just as Soviet education was to create a “new Soviet man”. As the student of the Soviet university had to memorize the false “History” of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union based on the short lesson, the new curricula contain time-wasting compulsory courses on “anti-racism,” a Newspeak misnomer for Marxist racist warmongering. So far it has worked. I am not aware of any objection to these classes from students, who could use this time for real learning.

Nor did I have student support when I objected to the well-attended Pitt-wide online lecture by Angela Davis, a former supporter of communist anti-Semitic terrorism, invited and presented by the “tremendous[ly] honor[ed]academic leadership as a “world-renowned social justice educator and activist.” With her understanding of social justice, she was also admired by Brezhnev and communists around the world, but refused the request to help dissidents imprisoned in the gulag. Solzhenitsyn, in his foresight Warning to the West, said of his cruelty: “It is the face of communism. This is the heart of communism for you. Communism, to remind the forgetful, is the ideology that kills 100 million people.

It was, apparently, the “more just society” sought by American educators today. Needless to say, my e-mails to university management, from the chancellor down, asking to uninvite Davis, received no response. My small consolation is that all the accolades bestowed on him haven’t helped Pitt raise his disgraceful “diversity” rank of 304 nationally (yes, there is such a thing, where races, ethnicities and the sexes are counted and weighed, proudly surmounted by Yale) . Maybe it’s time to start expelling students of the wrong races/ethnicities – there are historical precedents for these negative selection measures.

Like Soviet propaganda, this nightmare will eventually end, I hope. Unfortunately, it took 70 years in the first instance – and it doesn’t look like Russia is off the hook at all. It’s a sad thought, but the rotten fruits of today’s American ideological upbringing can take so long to materialize and fall into place. History’s garbage heap.

Michael Vanyukov holds a Ph.D. in genetics and is a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, psychiatry and human genetics at the University of Pittsburgh. He immigrated to the United States as a refugee from the Soviet Union more than 30 years ago. The opinions expressed here are his own and do not represent any institution or organization.


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