Londoner’s Diary: Music stars need to speak out, say Ukrainian duo


KRAINIAN pop duo The Bloom Twins have launched a scathing attack on fellow musicians for not talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Why do we see the world in the streets standing up for democracy and unity when those with reach and a voice don’t even recognize what is happening?” Bloom Twins’ Sonia Kuprienko told us.

“How about Coldplay who shot the clip called Trouble in Town in Kyiv only two years ago… where is that support now? Kuprienko continued: “How about Harry Styles, whose love is on tour, [Styles’s Love on Tour concerts are currently playing] but not with Ukraine. Well, not even on his social media.

“Calvin Harris whose [latest music] Love Regenerator may be generating clicks and streams, but certainly no word on the war in Ukraine, not even a glance.

The Bloom Twins, who live in London, say they are worried about their family in Ukraine. Their father and other relatives are in the country but cannot leave. “They feel like it’s better to hide. It’s just very tricky because… you don’t know where the bomb is going to go”.

White’s head-to-head hurts your head

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RAYMOND BLANC recalled his friendship with the Queen Mother during a food preview for Royal Ascot at the underground cooking school near Old Street. The two became friends, with Blanc regularly cooking for her. Blanc told us how the Queen Mother walked into her restaurant kitchen to chat for an hour after lunch in fluent French. It was to the despair of her daughter, the queen, who came in and asked, “Mommy, it’s four o’clock, can we go home?” It’s a good review.

Le Pen falls behind on Putin’s leaflet

Marine Le Pen meets Vladimir Putin in 2017

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MARINE LE PEN does not have the best of chances in the campaign. The far-right French politician previously flirted with coming to London to campaign for Brexit in 2016 and now a trip to Moscow in 2017 has landed her in hot water. The French presidential candidate recently unveiled her new eight-page campaign flyer which features an image of her shaking hands with now international pariah Vladimir Putin. They printed 1.2 million copies. How embarrassing – our heart bleeds for her.

Greig’s audience with drama Dacre

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THE LONDONER spotted Geordie Greig at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith last night at the premiere of new play Bloody Difficult Women, about the legal wrangling over Brexit. Greig, the former Daily Mail editor who suddenly quit last November, was a notable presence, unlike his predecessor Paul Dacre, above. It was perhaps unsurprising that Dacre didn’t attend to hear the actor who played him deliver four-letter rants. Greig — at least in the drama — was badmouthed by Dacre as “that effing Remainer.” Sitting with his son in the audience, the man himself smiled wryly.

Liam’s sons are here for the beer

LONDON it was gone last night. Actresses Morfydd Clark and Ellie Bamber were among those to take part in the EE Rising Star Awards on the Strand. They were joined by Aisling Bea, Nicola Roberts and Lauren Lyle. At Bafta Piccadilly, Sir Lenny Henry won the Visionary Honors Award. And at Picturehouse Central, Liam Gallagher’s sons Gene and Lennon channeled their dad as they showed up to the Batman premiere with cans of lager.


Sir LINDSAY HOYLE is not sweet when it comes to kebabs. At last night’s Kebab Awards in Westminster, the chairman told us his favorite order, the order was a triple meat option: “A shish kebab, a lamb kebab and a chicken.” In his speech, he added, “I don’t do much with the salad, I just stick to the meat.” Hat trick.

MP JAMES CLEVERLY urged people not to link the war in Ukraine to Brexit, writing online: ‘It’s about us helping Ukraine, not your childish score.’ Sir Christopher Meyer, our former man in Washington, responded, attacking the “foaming Remainiacs still trying to force everything through the Brexit mesh”. Sigh.


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