Life of a Journalist in Chintan Shivir


The real Chintan part of the Shivir takes place in a place a few meters away but without any access to our prying eyes. Even the leaders were not allowed to bring their mobile phones into these deliberations. It was announced that lockers were provided for cell phones.

And according to the sources, only the appointed members of the committees were present at each of these meetings. What exactly is going on behind those closed doors is everyone’s guess and imagination.

So Congress has so far succeeded in plugging media leaks. Even journalists who arrived in Udaipur had to content themselves with watching Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi’s speech on the media center’s television.

Some of us try very hard to decode optics and some here specialize in deciphering body language. But most are just happy to click selfies or groupfies and be seen.

And then there are those who barely come out of the comfort of their room, and yet manage to write 1,000-word articles about what is happening at Chintan Shivir.. Courtesy of WhatsApp, with a rotation that suits their schedule.

At least, in my opinion, what the media has managed to broadcast is exactly what the party wants to show the world. They wanted to present a united front. And if Day 1 and Day 2 optics are anything to go by, I have to grudgingly agree that they did a commendable job.

The so-called G-23 members sit on several committees and mostly run press briefings. They rub shoulders with the high command. Two supposed warring factions in Karnataka were seen sharing a joke.


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