Legal blogs worldwide continue to go through the LexBlog Network submission process


Law firms around the world submit their blogs for admission to the LexBlog network.

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a demonstration and discussion from the LexBlog team on how blogs were submitted, how blogs were approved, how they entered the LexBlog network and how they and their businesses got listed in our Hubspot Database. And how law firms were engaged, whether their blogs were approved or denied.

I’ve been impressed with the process and my team, who have come up with a nifty filtering system that executes it very efficiently and professionally.

As the number of blogs increases and we seek to further categorize blogs by subject and tag, we will do more development work to expand our filtering operations.

If you haven’t followed, LexBlog accepts all credible legal blogs on the LexBlog network for free.

All LexBlog customer blogs are automatically entered into the network. Law firms that do not maintain their blogs on the LexBlog platform submit their blogs for approval and inclusion.

As blogs are submitted for approvalwe get the company name, contact, blog title and blog url.

The first step is to review the blog to see if it meets the Network Editorial Standards.

Most blogs don’t. It’s easy to see these blogs submitted by marketers who created a law firm’s blogs. Blogs provide little or no real information, insights, or commentary. Blogs were created for SEO only.

Other blogs, while offering credible information and commentary, lack the technology to ensure the blog is received by personal and news aggregators. They don’t have RSS feeds. Fortunately, most eligible blogs have a good RSS feed.

Other technical shortcomings also prevent admission.

Credible blogs have their RSS feed entered into the network platform which we test to ensure the feed displays correctly.

A properly configured blog will then automatically create a profile page in the network for the blog, the blog publisher company and the blog authors. Fairly smooth.

We will get all relevant information from our Hubspot database – company, contact details and blog(s). The submission process does this – as well as populates information for profile pages on the site.

Emails will then be sent congratulating a law firm on admitting their blogs or apologizing that their blogs were denied admission for substantive or technical reasons.

We offer suggestions on how to fix both, with many law firms receptive to information on how they can update their blogs.

Note that the LexBlog network is limited to submitted legal blogs. Submitted as a non-LexBlog customer or LexBlog customer.

the Open Legal Blog Archivesas an open library of all legal blogs, includes all credible legal blogs, worldwide, submitted or not.


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