Launch of an online community for LGBTQIA+ people in the voluntary sector


Charity So Straight has started a groundbreaking project in hopes of bringing people together.

Activists have launched a new online community space for LGBTQIA+ people in the voluntary sector.

Charity So Straight, the campaign group calling for charities to be more inclusive for LGBTQIA+ people, launched the project to bring together those working in the sector.

Charity professionals and volunteers of all levels and roles can now apply to join the #CharitySoStraight Slack group, which aims to be a safe space for all LGBTQIA+ people to come together to share their experiences of the challenges they face, including homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and queerphobia. .

Organizers hope the channel will become a place where everyone can learn from and support each other, as well as share good news about workplaces and volunteering, and inclusive practices.

Admin jobs and opportunities will also be shared for organizations looking to diversify, with mentorship programs where those who want to be a Queer admin but don’t feel confident to take this step can be supported by someone. one currently in place.

Charity So Straight founder Kevin Taylor-McKnight said: “We were thrilled with the response we got when we launched the Slack group. And we’ve seen it’s evolved into a space that has a real leveling effect – whatever role or responsibility you have, your gayness will always be with you and may be something you’ll have to deal with just to move on. the day.

The Slack group also proudly confirms that this is a safe space for trans and non-binary people and sets clear ground rules when applying to ensure all conversations and participants are kind. , courteous, inclusive and respectful.

The group launched during Pride Month 2022 and has already received a very strong response with a real range of people signing up and engaging – from CEOs to Data Managers to Trainers.

Mr. Taylor-McKnight added: “The next step is to make sure every corner of the voluntary sector sees and hears about this space so that we can encourage as many LGBTQIA+ people to join as possible and create a real community of support, learning and friendship.

“And ultimately create a strong network that can drive the change that needs to happen to improve inclusivity and work environments for LGBTQIA+ people.”


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