Kiwi Farms, a hateful online community, is blocked


The online community known for spreading hate and encouraging harassment, Kiwi Farms, has been disabled, according to internet service provider Cloudflare, which cited the increase in targeted threats as an “urgent danger to human life”.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said in a blog post, “We have blacklisted Kiwi Farms. Any visitor to a Kiwi Farms website that uses a Cloudflare service will encounter a Cloudflare block page with a link to this article.

Although we have made efforts to prevent Kiwi Farms material from being accessible through our infrastructure, they may move their sites to other providers and relaunch them.

Given Cloudflare’s function as an internet infrastructure provider, Prince called it an “extraordinary move” and said he thought it was “a dangerous move that we’re not on board with.” easy”.

But in the past 48 hours the rhetoric on the Kiwi Farms website and the targeted and specific threats have escalated to the point where Prince wrote: ‘We believe there is an unprecedented urgency and immediate threat to the human life, unlike what we have seen before from Kiwi Farms or any other client.

Days after Prince and Cloudflare’s global public policy manager Alissa Starzak explained how the company handles harassment, the decision was made.

However, this message implied that the services would still be provided to Kiwi Farms without mentioning it by name.

The blog post stated that “the popular alternative would be to terminate security services for information that our staff personally considers ugly and unethical.”

However, over time, such decisions make it harder to defend against assaults from material that promotes marginalized and oppressed perspectives.

After openly withdrawing its support for the 8chan forum, notorious for hosting violent hate speech and where the gunman who murdered 23 people at a Walmart in El Paso wrote his manifesto, Cloudfare gained notoriety in 2019.

The use of Cloudflare’s services by the white nationalist website Daily Stormer has already been discontinued.

Cloudfare, which provides a range of services to digital customers, from cyber security to web hosting, has recently come under fire.

Clara Sorrenti, a streamer and activist also known as Keffals on social media, has opened up about her experiences of being doxxed and smashed in videos.

Swatting is a type of cybercrime in which armed emergency personnel are dispatched to a victim’s property after a bogus 911 call. Keffals started the #DropKiwiFarms campaign and spoke from his personal experience.

Keffals praised Cloudflare’s choice in a blog post titled “The fight is won, but the war is not over.”

Notorious far-right hate site Kiwi Farms was removed by Cloudflare today, according to a statement from the #DropKiwiFarms movement.

Threats to human life have increased over the past 48 hours on the internet, and they are happening much faster than law enforcement can respond, as CEO Matthew Prince noted.

Never before in the site’s existence, which spans more than a decade, has Kiwi Farms seen so much criticism.

In this historic time, hundreds of people have taken a stand against online hate and abuse.

Although they are “pleased” with Cloudfare’s decision, the campaign warned that “we should not rest on our laurels.”

“While today is a day of celebration, their community can survive. We have shown our ability to move mountains when we work together, and if we stick together and fight back, we can make it all the way, the statement said.

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