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Hyderabad, September 6: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday predicted that a non-BJP government would definitely come to power in the Center in the upcoming elections and assured farmers that it would provide electricity free to farmers nationwide.

KCR called for sending the BJP home in 2024. He urged people to support the slogan “BJP-Mukt Bharat” and elect a democratic and secular government.

Addressing a public meeting in Nizamabad after the inauguration of an integrated district collection complex, he, calling the Narendra Modi government anti-farmer, said he was not ready to spend 1, 45 lakh crore to provide free electricity to farmers but looted Rs.12 lakh crore in the name of non-performing assets (NPA) and corporate loan waivers.

Claiming that Telangana is the only state in the country to provide round-the-clock free electricity to farmers, KCR announced that when a non-BJP government comes to power, this will be extended nationwide.

Telangana leader Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has alleged that Prime Minister Modi was planning a plot to install water meters in agricultural wells.

He blamed the Modi government for not buying agricultural products from farmers, failing to guarantee remunerative prices and conspiring to grab land from farmers.

“The BJP in the Center sells everything like airports, ports, banks and industries. Now there is a plot to seize land from farmers,” he said.

The chief minister said that under the BJP rule, unemployment had risen in the country and the rupee had fallen to an all-time high. Nothing has been done for Dalits, weaker sections and women, he added.

He alleged that Modi was only busy overthrowing opposition governments in the states.

The TRS leader said that with the people’s blessing, he would enter national politics. He said a start would be made from Nizamabad.

KCR called for a debate on what is happening in the country and for awareness among the people. He said the BJP government, which fuels religious madness and hatred, must be sent home.

“Should we allow the nation to burn in the flames of religious madness. Do you want to see the water running through the channels or the blood. Do you want to see the crops or the drops of blood,” KCR asked and urged Indian farmers to think.


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