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As a father, law enforcement professional, and your next sheriff, I believe many changes need to be implemented in the way we approach public safety in order for our community to reduce crime and provide a safe environment. to raise our families.

Sir Robert Peel said it best:

“The police are the public; the public is the police. The police are paid to give full-time attention to the duties incumbent on every citizen in the interests of the welfare and existence of the community.

As your sheriff, I believe many positive changes are needed within the agency to ensure that your agency provides the most professional and ethical service possible. Our agency is currently struggling with extremely low morale and a turnover rate of 40%. I believe we can improve morale and reduce turnover by changing your agency’s leadership philosophy from a “good old boy” to a leadership philosophy that values ​​every assistant and sees every employee as an integral part of the overall mission of the agency.

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We’ve all worked for leaders who recognize their buddies, rather than recognizing people who work hard and do great work.

I would accomplish a change in the internal culture of the department, providing long-term investments in employees such as education, training, career paths and professional development, as well as investing in their well-being and their personal growth. This will not only reduce turnover, but will allow all employees of the Elko County Sheriff’s Office to better serve our community.

I also have many changes I would implement to ensure our agency is focused on proactive, community-oriented policing. I believe it starts with the presence and availability of the Sheriff to our communities, municipal governments, civic organizations, housing associations, religious organizations, unincorporated advisory councils, to name but a few- one. The sheriff is the public safety leader of the community and should be present and available to help resolve any public safety issues these organizations may have.

Proactive community policing – these practices would be implemented with the aim of preventing crime. I would implement a more user-friendly home monitoring system where homeowners could list their home with the sheriff’s office, such as when they go on vacation, to be checked regularly with more responsibility to ensure that these monitoring of the house are carried out regularly.

These are only a small part of the ideas/plans. Visit @GaylorforSheriff on Facebook to learn more.


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