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Ritesh Mishra, Indian Tax Services Officer, Income Tax Appeals Commissioner in Surat, Gujarat is gaining popularity among people in quite a different field of his profession. He regularly writes blogs and opinion pieces, and these are widely read and highly rated by readers across the country. He has a sense of words, and for that reason, probably, his writing pieces instantly struck a chord.

In an exclusive conversation with Indian brains, Mr. Mishra talked about his passion for writing and how he manages the time to indulge in it.


Mr. Mishra’s inclination towards writing started during his school days. He enjoyed writing letters to the editor and did so frequently. He wrote for several important newspapers of the time and felt really happy when he saw his name displayed on the paper, along with his letter.

The officer also had a keen interest in sports, cinema and music. He once told his friend, who was working for a major newspaper at the time, about his interests in writing and entertainment. And the friend suggested he start writing opinion columns for the newspaper he worked for.

“He told me that through these columns, the newspaper was trying to encourage everyone to write because they believe writing is not just for professionals and everyone should do it. try,” Mr Mishra said.


In 2015, seeing his love for the sport, his friend advised him to cover the ICC World Cup jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Mishra’s plays were well received by all.

Over time, the officer took to social media to express his thoughts in writing. He started by writing about different topics on Facebook. Very quickly, he took the advice to create his own blogs.

“My friend advised me to write blogs because it is a space where I can keep my writings forever. Also, anyone can access my words and browse my thoughts and opinions,” he said. -he declares.

IRS Ritesh Mishra with legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar


While blogging, Mishra made sure to keep a few things in mind. He made sure to do his research well and re-read all the facts to avoid any cross-examination or questioning by anyone. Moreover, he kept in mind to give thanks and credits to the pages from where he chose images for his blogs.

“My friend asked me to collect and write my articles from information freely available on all platforms, because it is available for everyone and one can use and organize it according to their needs. This tip m helped a lot and I gained the confidence to start my own blog,” Mr. Mishra said.


Shortly after I started blogging and those started accumulating regular readers, an entertainment website called approached him. The founder of the website, who happens to be a personal friend of Mr. Mishra, is Alok Kejriwal, who is also the person who brought the gaming world to India. He met the officer and discussed an opportunity with him.

“The website is a Bollywood entertainment based website specializing in Bollywood news, movie reviews and feature stories. He asked me to join him and regularly write movie reviews, series reviews and other such entertainment pieces for him.

However, Mr Mishra has made it clear that he is not interested in any business relationship since he already has his duty to the nation as an IRS officer, and if he is linked to commercial websites , he couldn’t do anything. willingly.

“I told him that I wanted to write reviews for him, but of my own free will and just for fun. I didn’t want any remuneration for my work and wrote at my leisure. We agreed, and today, I have already written several articles for Koimoi that are read across the country,” he said.

Apart from this, Mr. Mishra has also written articles for sports starthe country’s popular sports magazine.


One thing Mr. Mishra always keeps in mind when writing his blogs is that the person reading his blogs should feel good about them. He wishes to spread positivity through his words.

“I don’t write on technical subjects. My blogs provide a sense of fun and nostalgia. Second, I want when a reader has finished reading my article to leave the page with new information in mind. That’s why I try to research topics and read lots of books to make my blog as informative as possible,” Mr. Mishra said.

It is notable that the officer’s blogs are among the top 250 blogs in the country and he shares the platform with legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and star chef Sanjeev Kapoor, among others.


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