Introducing The Pregnancy Hub by First Response™: an online community that enables all pathways to pregnancy and motherhood


EWING, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–First Response™ was launched First Response™ Pregnancy Center, an online community that aims to connect, inspire and provide resources to those navigating trying to conceive (TTC), pregnancy and motherhood. Members of The Pregnancy Hub community will have free access to TTC resources and advice, an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with other members, share personal experiences, and gain insider access to special offers. , products and news from First Response™.

“We created The Pregnancy Hub to provide a space for anyone on their journey into pregnancy and motherhood to feel inspired to learn, connect, and feel supported by the experiences of others,” says Jennifer Gargano, Brand Manager for First Response™. “Whether you’re planning your future pregnancy, thinking about your fertility, trying to conceive or becoming a mother, our community will help you through this very exciting and often tricky time.”

The Pregnancy Hub by First Response™ hosts a welcome gift for new members, accessible by logging into the community, creating a subscription and accepting the welcome mission, which will invite members to share a photo, video, Facebook story or Instagram story about joining The Pregnancy Hub community. The first 500 eligible participants to earn 30 mission points will earn a First Response™ Self-Care Kit. The rules and regulations of the welcome gift can be found here. By participating in accepted offers, members will increase their chances of being invited to participate in more surveys, assignments and discussions and will be notified of these opportunities when logged into The Pregnancy Hub.

Members of The Pregnancy Hub will also be able to connect and receive support from other members of the community by participating in online discussions and sharing advice and personal stories. By completing a profile, completing occasional surveys, and participating in other online activities, members can earn points and badges and gain privileged access to new content, as well as receive special offers and the opportunity to qualify for a free First Response™ gift.

“Every pregnancy journey should start with support. No matter where you are on your journey to pregnancy, it helps to know that you are not alone,” adds Gargano.

Visit FRPREGNACYHUB.COM to learn more and join the community. For questions or assistance, please contact [email protected]

About First Response™:

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1Most Trusted BrandSpark Awards 2021

2Most Recommended Health Products in 2021, US News & Pharmacy Times reveal-2021 -the-most-recommended-health-products

3In lab tests, the Early Result Pregnancy Test detected pregnancy hormone levels in 76% of pregnant women 5 days before their expected period. See the package for details on early testing.

4Double confirmation; Same accuracy of results.


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