Interview: Talking about the excitement of the EVE Online community, the EVE uprising and more with CCP games


EVE online has felt like it’s been on hold for the past few months since the May 2022 Fanfest. And in a way, it is, as the team prepares for its first expansion in years to the MMO of science fiction.

However, as Uprising draws closer to release, CCP Games is stepping up events in the MMO to lead the expansion down. Last month’s Empire Frontiers update played a big part in getting this started, as CCP Games not only brought more storytelling into the mix, but also did something they hadn’t. been doing for a while: bringing out new ships.

The major update coming with Uprising must be the Factional Warfare overhaul, and the most recent major content drop here in EVE online reinforces this. It plays to the progress alliances and empires have made in faction warfare as NPC empires begin to make their own moves.

As a result, players can prepare to get ahead of the eight ball with their time in Factional Warfare today, as Empire Frontiers allows them to really take advantage of the ground they’ve already gained, according to the community developer. from CCP, Dan “CCP Doom” Crone.

“[T]o make the link with the approach of the Uprising expansion a few months ago, the management of the faction war militia reached out to players of the game who are members of their respective militias [and] defined a set of goals they wanted them to achieve and maintain in the game, but did not explain why.

Crone goes on to explain that the players who answered the call went out and took control of the systems in the various Warzones, and now those players are able to capitalize on the advantage they took with the ground they have gained.

“Players have the ability to leverage the terrain advantage they previously took to help them get ahead in the technology race between the two sets of empires battling in the Warzone” , explained Crone.

This technological race has been the foundation of the narrative structure that is heading towards UprisingSomething EVE online Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason pointed out that it will be increasingly important over the years that I have covered this MMO. Since the creation of the Triglavians in EVE online with Abyssal Deadspace, through the invasion and into 2022, the narrative felt at the forefront of everything the team did.

For many players, the story arc here won’t matter as much as the story they create themselves in New Eden. After all, EVE online thrives on the drama its players create, not the wars waged by the Gallentes or the Amarr.

However, the community feels muted in its response to both the expansion and the current state of EVE online. While the MMO has felt in this pattern of expectation as players have had to get used to not having rapid-fire content drops like the quadrants brought over the past few years, it seems the reaction to the Fanfest announcements have now cooled some with the community.

“It’s certainly a valid concern,” Burger tells us in our interview. But that’s something the CCP team apparently anticipated, stating that they were “straightforward” about taking the time.

“It’s one of the things I mentioned at the start that we go from quadrants to extensions and it just takes time. We have to detrain some muscles, retrain some old muscles again.

The team is closely monitoring community sentiment, however, gauging the reaction of those playing. STANDBY and looking for more information and exciting things to do during the game. But it’s easy to see, even at a glance, how some players are, quite simply, tired of waiting and moving on to other titles during the rise to Uprising keep on going. The easiest way to see this is in the streaming community, with many of its core game streamers branching out into other titles such as Albion online Where star citizen lately.

However, while CCP Games is closely monitoring the daily login numbers, it also expects a buildup of excitement as Uprising versions.

“We certainly keep an extremely close eye on our daily active user numbers, our MAU numbers,” Bergur said in our interview. “We have frequent meetings with our community team where we go over sentiments, we dive very deep into what’s going on with streamers and things like that. And that’s something we keep an eye on, but it’s also important not to lose sight of the target. The expansion releases November 8th and it’s going to be awesome. And that’s the goal. And it’s very easy to lose track and start focusing on other things or reacting to the present moment. We’ve noticed that the community is, you know, there’s a lot of players in kind of a wait, waiting to see what’s coming out.

Convict added to Bergur’s point of keeping tabs on streamers, effectively stating that it’s normal course for a streamer to grow their career and branch out into other titles.

“Sometimes people get into kind of a rut where they’re plateauing in their viewership numbers, so they decide to try a different game to see how they’re doing. If their ambition is to impersonate a streamer rather than to just be a EVE online stream their whole career, obviously they have to try other things if they want to hit the numbers if they want to be the next Ninja or something like that.

Obviously tall, established EVE online streamers leaving the game will raise eyebrows in the community, but for Bergur and Dan, it could just be part of this overall expectation pattern the MMO seems to find itself in. The need to branch out for an audience, or just check out another title while waiting for the community to settle in anticipation of Frontlines’ planned expansion and changes for the launch of Factional Warfare next month.

For a genre that closely monitors the number of concurrent players and monthly players, EVE online players really feel more aware of this compared to other MMORPGs. While we can all talk about of the new world decrease in the number of players over the year, EVE online players have been talking about MAUs for years now (it’s been an active concern since I started covering this in 2017). Why might this be due to the fact I alluded to earlier in this article: player-generated scenarios. The sandbox needs players to survive, and that excitement of connecting and flying with your space friends is paramount to keeping the player engaged.

However, what has kept players excited is the inclusion of the new ships with the recent update. This is the first time the team has added new ships to the MMO since 2020 during Invasion, when Edencom ships were introduced to New Eden. However, it’s not like players can start crafting them as soon as they’re released. Part of the setup was getting into a position to get the blueprints needed to start making these ships, especially at the scale the Nullsec Empires would need to shake up the meta in the next war.

Players are already starting to pilot these ships in PvP just weeks after launch, with the second Myrmidon Navy Issue ship ever created being lost in a PvP battle just a few days before.

It’s also not accurate to say that just because the community has felt a little muted over the past few weeks doesn’t mean there hasn’t been excitement, especially in Faction Warfare these last weeks. The Gallente Militia is on the move, with Oicx recently captured after a long siege. (Although, in perfect STANDBY mode, the progress of the Gallente Militia is disputed in the Reddit thread.)

It will be interesting to see how players react over the next few weeks as Uprising is starting to get closer and closer to launch. One thing is certain, however, Uprising saw a noticeable increase in direct engagement with the community beyond normal interactions on Twitter or back and forth on forums and Reddit. The community team has increasingly turned to their own streams to get in front of players and engage in a way that’s somewhat reminiscent of a Fanfest panel. And it’s something that, while it won’t happen all the time, will never go away.

“We like to do that,” Convict says in response to whether or not we’ll see these community updates even more frequently in the future. “And certainly our players seem to be enjoying the content as well, based on their reactions in the Twitch chat. do regularly.

The flows that have occurred have been more opportunistic, according to Crone. More or less the team has a subject that would be interesting to show on stream, so they do this type of situation. Not every update will justify it or be convincing. It is therefore a question of choosing what is appropriate.

“We will continue to do them, but not at a set cadence if you want. We’ll just be looking for opportunities that come up that fit that format and seem like an ideal topic to talk about.

This week, it’s the return of STANDBY Vegas, and while it was a major event on the CCP Games calendar, it has once again become the very grassroots community that Vegas originated from. However, don’t expect CCP to matter, as there will be a few developers present to chat with the community and interact with players who are there to enjoy the bright lights and nightlife of the Las Vegas Valley, all while planning their next move to New Eden.

“We’ll be there,” Convict told me. “And we will also bring something.”


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