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Steven Pladl from North Carolina began an incestuous relationship with his biological daughter Katie Fusco that devastated the entire family and ended in tragedy.

Steven Pladl pictured with the child he had with his biological daughter Katie Fusco

When North Carolina couple Steven Pladl and his wife Alyssa Pladl separated, their lives became entangled in a scandal of incest and tragedy.

The two had a daughter together, Katie Fusco, who was put up for adoption in 1998.

Katie knew she was adopted and had once wanted to find her birth parents.

Once she turned 18, she decided to try to find her mother and father and find out who they were.

Using social media, Katie reconnected with her parents and eventually moved in with them and their two other children near Richmond, Virginia in 2016.

Alyssa and Steven even got to attend Katie’s graduation in New York.

However, things started to get complicated for the family.

Katie’s relationship with Steven was revealed by her daughter’s diary

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Steven and Alyssa’s marriage was on the rocks and the two split just three months after Katie joined them.

In the months leading up to Steven’s departure, he slept on Katie’s bedroom floor to be away from his wife.

Steven and Katie moved together to Knightdale, North Carolina, about 150 miles from where the family previously lived.

A year later, Alyssa received a phone call from Steven where he said the ex-couple’s 11-year-old daughter had started misbehaving.

The couple shared photos of their relationship on social media

Curious to know what might be going on, Alyssa began to investigate.

She found her daughter’s diary and looked inside to discover a terrifying revelation that would change the family’s lives forever.

Diary entries revealed that Steven and Katie had an incestuous relationship.

The confused 11-year-old had written in her diary about what her biological father and daughter, Steven and Katie, were doing.

Steven and Katie had a child together



There were even drawings of them both depicted as devils.

According to Daily mail , the 11-year-old girl had written in the newspaper: “Katie is pregnant. Dad says they feel like a couple. Did they get a little too drunk that night? My father is as***.

“It’s Satan. It’s fucking SATAN.

“He will go to hell but it will not be him who will be tortured, it will be him who will torture people.

“Wait a second if he’s Satan and Katie is human then the baby will be half demon.”

The couple were arrested when their relationship was discovered



Alyssa was shocked and devastated by the sickening revelation.

She found out they were planning to get married and asked Steven’s other children to call Katie their stepmother.

An arrest warrant was issued for the two of them when authorities learned what had happened.

After being found, Steven and Katie were charged with incest with an adult, adultery, contributing to the delinquency.

The relationship devastated Steve’s ex-wife Alyssa



But the story did not end there.

Cops found a four-month-old baby boy believed to be fathered by Steven at the home.

Alyssa blames her now ex-husband for the whole affair and thinks he seduced and brainwashed Katie.

Steven and Alyssa divorced in 2017 shortly before Katie became pregnant with Steven’s child.

The couple shared photos on social media showing the baby boy.

After her arrest, Katie returned to live with her adoptive parents the Fuscos.

On April 12, 2018, Katie and her adoptive father Tony were on their way to visit her adoptive grandmother’s house.

Surveillance showed Steven Pladl watching them leave before gunshots were heard.

Katie and Tony were shot and killed and Steven was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Shortly after the murder-suicide, Steven’s mother Grace called the police and reported that her son had told her he had killed the baby, Katie and his adoptive father.

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