I was not seduced by the Chinese whisperings, says an ex-Ukip



GAWAIN TOWLER, the former Ukip media man, claims he was briefly courted to be a Chinese spy. Towler, who was also communications manager for the Brexit Party, wrote that he had been asked to become a lobbyist for “certain Chinese and Hong Kong companies”. He was then taken on a business trip to Hong Kong, fed oyster porridge and asked to obtain official documents “before publication”. He tells us he brought it up because “I’m a humble scrote and they’re willing to give away flights, Michelin star hotels, money, and that’s before the secret stuff they were after. That he took ?

Although he declined to pursue the relationship, not everyone is convinced. “On my Facebook page, someone is actually accusing me of being one, and that’s deep coverage,” Towler said. A close shave.

The royal pilot must be high flying



THE QUEEN may make Windsor Castle her permanent home, but she’s still on the hunt for a new helicopter pilot. The Queen’s Helicopter Flight wants a new person at the helm, who can provide “the highest level of helicopter service to members of the Royal Family on official engagements”. Unsurprisingly, this is not one for beginners. In addition to “extended flight experience”, applicants are recommended to have not only VIP experience, but VVIP experience. She is the queen after all.

Chiefs prepare aid for Ukraine

    (Dave Benet/Getty Images)

(Dave Benet/Getty Images)

Top chefs cooked a charity meal for Ukraine last night, raising money for the Disaster Emergency Committee at Barboun in Shoreditch. Organizer Angela Hartnett told us she looked forward to Chicken Kyiv and praised the “family” nature of Ukrainian cuisine. An online auction of culinary delights is open until Sunday. Tom Kerridge told us that it was great to be able to “do something”, and that Harnett’s powers of persuasion got him there. “When Angela calls you and asks you to do something…” A benevolent godfather.

Political rivals Rishi Sunak and Angela Rayner were all smiles during a Turn The Tables event for Cancer Research UK at BAFTA Piccadilly. There was also Donna Air.

Elsewhere, musicians MIA and Diplo posed at his album launch at Ned’s Club, which the Bloom Twins also attended.

In Mayfair, Noelle Reno and Laura Pradelska took to AllBright for an event celebrating the collaboration of member women’s clubs with social media company Meta for International Women’s Day.

Elsewhere, Tracy-Ann Oberman attended the annual Terrence Higgins Trust auction at Christie’s, where works by Conrad Shawcross and Antony Gormley were purchased to help end HIV. Some lots are on sale until Friday.


A suspicious package was found at Ms Nokes' office (PA Wire/PA Images)

A suspicious package was found in Ms Nokes’ office (PA Wire/PA Images)

MP Caroline Nokes said she felt “sickened, exhausted and depressed seeing Ukrainian women parliamentarians tweeting about their lived experience over the past 10 days”. She told House magazine’s International Women’s Day reception that her fellow MPs should “use our influence” to help them.

DOMINIC CUMMINGS appears to have called for a truce with Boris Johnson while there is a war. The former No. 10 adviser coined the phrase ‘trolley’ for Johnson’s chaotic Covid efforts. But Cummings said the war made Twitter “intolerable”, and so his promotion of “certain memes” is “off for a while”.


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