How the Rum Diary Strangely Foreshadowed the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Drama


At several different points in Bruce Robinson’s “The Rum Diary,” Johnny Depp’s character Paul Kemp says things that foreshadow a tumultuous relationship with Amber Heard’s Chenault. In real life, Depp alleged that Heard was the abuser in their relationship and abuse scandal, while she alleged the same about her (via The New York Times).

“Oh my God. Why did she have to happen?” Kemp wonders after meeting Chenault. “Just when I was doing so well without her.” In the film, Chenault is engaged to another character, Aaron Eckhart’s Hal Sanderson, who ends up breaking up with her. Viewers learn at the end of the film that Kemp later marries Chenault. In another scene that continues to be shared online, Kemp describes their relationship, saying, “From the moment we met, I knew there would be something between us.” Then there’s the film’s now infamous “shit” line, which netizens have compared to Depp’s claims that Heard defecated in bed, which she denies (via Entertainment Weekly). “What am I signing? Kemp asks Sanderson of Eckhart during the scene. “Just a confidentiality agreement, an affirmation of trust,” Sanderson says. To which another character responds, “Just so we all sit in the same hot tub. In case some shit floats up.”

Finally, there’s a moment when the ex-couple are in a 1950s Corvette convertible, and Heard’s Chenault sparks a game of chicken between the two by pushing Kemp’s leg on the gas while he’s driving. “I bet you scream before me,” Chenault says, just before the car nearly launches into the ocean. “Come for the madness, stay for a drink,” reads a title in the film’s trailer, which features the scene.


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