Guide to Duluth-Related Blogs in 2022


Birdwatching, broadcasting, micro-farming, astronomy, and motherhood are just a few of the topics Duluth-area writers blog about. Every two years or so, Perfect Duluth Day scours the web to see who’s active in the local blogosphere, compiling as comprehensive a guide as possible to active weblogs in the area.

Before proceeding with the list, here are the usual clarifications:

  • There is no clear line that differentiates blogs from online magazines and news sources, so compiling the list below required some judgment.
  • As there are many abandoned or barely active blogs, the criteria for inclusion in this list is that the blog has at least five new posts since November 2021 and at least one since May 2022.
  • Blogs that have special permission requirements or paywalls are not included.
  • Obviously, some good ones may have been overlooked in this list, so post them in the comments about anything worth adding, or email [email protected]

Astro Bob | Retired Duluth News Tribune photographer Bob King always covers celestial happenings on his blog, which is updated every few days with new information on the latest comet, supernovae, red moon, and more. .

Duluth Moms Blog | This site is sort of a local franchise of, a network of websites designed to connect moms with content like “A Library Full of Pride: 12 Insightful Recommendations for LGBTQ+ Kids” and “A Guide to the Holidays. anniversary and celebrations in Duluth”.

Duluth Monitor | John Ramos launched this news blog in 2019 with a slew of aggressive stories inspired by information obtained from public meetings. Since the fall of 2020, the pace of the site has slowed to around two floors per month, with a particular focus in 2022 on the controversies surrounding the recently ousted Mayor of Two Harbours, Chris Swanson.

Ed’s Great Adventure | Duluth-based writer Eddy Gilmore still blogs a bit about urban agriculture, peppering it with articles about home economics and adventures on the upper hiking trail.

Territory of Ennyman | Ed Newman writes primarily about the arts, but also delves into philosophy, politics, and a constant dose of Bob Dylan.

For the Birds by Laura Erickson | Laura Erickson of Duluth frequently blogs about her birding adventures – in addition to producing her long-running radio segment and podcast For the birds. The blog, however, features something not available on the radio: many photos of birds.

Giant Voices Blog | Duluth-based marketing firm Giant Voices publishes a blog with advice on topics such as workforce retention strategies, work-life balance and office culture.

Jim Heffernan’s Blog | Duluth Newsstand columnist Jim Heffernan continues to share his comic and historical observations on a semi-regular basis.

Keefography | Duluth-based photographer John Keefover captures the landscapes and people of the region. So far his blog has mainly focused on hiking adventures.

Lake Superior Writers Blog | Members of the region’s nonprofit writers group share writing and publishing tips, as well as thoughts on their inspirations.

Democrat Lincoln | Former Duluth school board member and recent Republican candidate for Congress, Harry Welty, continues to voice his opinions on politics and other matters, with a particular focus lately on criticizing his political opponent – Minnesota District 8 U.S. Representative Pete Stauber.

the meanders of Mary | Marie Zhuikov explores life in northern Minnesota and everywhere else on her travels. Her passions include nature, environmental issues, arts, music, children, dogs, books, relationships, cooking, etc.

Minnesota Brown | Iron Range native and journalist Aaron Brown writes about northern Minnesota news, culture and politics.

Northern Pine | Jon Ellis has been covering the upper Midwest’s broadcast industry online since 1996. He publishes articles on television and radio station ownership and format changes, personnel moves and other news, as well as only observations on the industry.

NWS Duluth Blog | The National Weather Service hosts a Duluth weather blog that features severe weather reports, cold water safety tips and more.

Sheila Packa Poetry Blog | The 2010-2012 Duluth Poet Laureate blogs about “Poetry: Figurative Language, Spirit, Intertextual Explorations, Patterns, Punctuation, Forms, Great Writers, Quotes and Travel Notes.”

A patient cycle | Karl Schuettler mainly writes about politics, economics and hockey. A bit of creative fiction is also thrown into the mix.

The Photonaturalist | Mark “Sparky” Stensaas posts photos and stories collected while tracking wildlife – mostly birds.

Blog Explore Duluth by Solglimt | Solglimt Bed and Breakfast on Minnesota Point posts list items like “10 Awesome Breweries” and “3 Perks of a Bed and Breakfast”.

Superior Footprints | Molly Hoeg shares her passions for Lake Superior, running, swimming, canoeing and kayaking, biking, cross-country skiing, reading, sewing, crafting, baking, and spending time around a coffee or wine with friends.

Swimming Blog | The marketing minds at Swim Creative occasionally post tips on topics like branding, WordPress innovation, and copywriting.

365 days of birds | Richard Hoeg blogs almost daily about his birding experiences, with many photos of owls, woodpeckers, sunrises and the northern lights.

This day in Duluth | Duluth Zenith City Press publishes a daily blurb about a historic event in the city’s past.

Past Twin Ports | Since fall 2019, Rhett Abrahamson has been posting on this history blog with a focus on the area’s architectural gems, especially the iconic homes.

Visit the Duluth Explore Blog | In an effort to promote local tourism, Visit Duluth frequently posts articles on topics such as outdoor dining options, dog-friendly experiences, and where to listen to live music in Duluth.

Write near the lake | Victoria Lynn Smith has been writing fiction, essays and articles on her blog since fall 2020.

Zenith City Online Updates | Tony Dierckins’ Duluth History website is organized more like a reference guide than a blog, but is periodically updated with new articles and recently featured previews of his new book, The grand old architecture of Duluth.


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