GTA Online: Community Series, New Deathmatches, GTA$ Bonuses and More


Rockstar Games has several promotions for GTA Online this weekend. A new community series awaits you, among others.

This week it’s good to say that once again two-thirds of GTA dollars are available in GTA Online, plus double RP and double GTA$ are used for the second half of the month when it’s part of a brand new community series. It is these groups that have created jobs that work with their own hands. Anyone who has completed three jobs in this series also receives a bonus of 200 million USD. GTA$ and RP Triafts are also available to be won in the San Andreas Supersports Series.

The Deathmatch Creator has been updated with new features and a revised tutorial. Six new deathmatches are also available, created by the new creator: Big Shot, Speed ​​Kills, Hot Swap, Dead Head, Sumo Crush and Friendly Fire.

A preview of the activities for the new content week.

eCola has won the Sprunks vs. eCola showdown! The main prize in the lisa and e-cola style is a car dealer: the S-Moz, the S-Moz type e-cola for racing. A New York lord, a gileen and a golden-golder – a jiffy and tidyote-megaots, and a gileen – his e-cola. The devil is a

Discounts of the week at a glance.

50% off Executive Offices 40% off Special Cargo Warehouse Vehicle Discounts: 30% off Pegassi Tezeract and Armored Brute Boxville, 40% off the sluggish-to-the-pride, l ‘Annis Savestra, the Ocelot Ardent and the Pfister Comet Retro Custom, 50% off the Maxwell Asbo and Weeny Issi Sport, and 75% off the Nagasaki BF400.

The other week:

Pay bonuses: new Declasse Vigero ZX with more performance, two exclusive skins for the Declasse Vigero ZX, the Biker Clubhouse at Vespucci Beach, free games and more bonuses with Prime Gaming: Who your account in the Rockstar Games Social Club has logged in with Prime Gaming and playing this week will get more than enough cash. The Criminal Enterprises Act is available now.

GTA Online’s second big update is now live with The Criminal Enterprises.


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