GPS Sibu finds good response from online community to ceramahs


(Left to right) Tiang and Nangka MP Datuk Dr Annuar Rapaee learn how voters can check their polling stations. – Photo by Peter Boon

SIBU (November 9): Gabung Parti Sarawak (GPS) Sibu has found social media to be a good way to reach a wider audience for his ceramahs, said Michael Tiang.

The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) youth leader said more than 15,000 people took to Facebook on Saturday to watch the campaign of GPS candidate Sibu Clarence Ting.

“I think social media is a different advertising strategy. So we will continue to do ceramah both offline and online,” he told reporters on a health show yesterday.

Tiang said there were about 200 people at the in-person ceramah.

“These days, it is difficult to judge whether it is well received or not. It’s really in social media and sometimes online is more powerful because it can reach a wider audience,” the MP for Pelawan said.

Regarding the 10-day health program, Tiang said it is up to the B40 group to have free access to health checks in the Pelawan area.

“It’s the fourth place being the fourth day. We’ll do it in 10 places – until November 14.

He said that although everyone is welcome to join the programme, blood tests are only offered to the B40 group.

At each location, voters can also check their polling stations.

“I fear that many new voters – without experience – do not know where to vote. So we just want to help them by providing them with the necessary information,” he said.

Tiang noted that due to the increase in the number of new voters, Pelawan constituency now has 14 polling stations, down from 11 previously.

He also added that the Brooke Drive upgrade has nothing to do with the general election as the project was planned last year.


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