Gillie Da King slams blogs for posting Takeoff’s final moments


Gillie Da King has slammed social media users and blogging sites who shared rapper Migos Takeoff’s final moments.

On Tuesday (November 1), Gillie Da King took to her Instagram to condemn social media accounts and blogging sites for posting photos and videos of Takeoff following her fatal shooting. In an impassioned three-minute video, the rapper spoke directly to internet users, saying the last thing anyone wants to see is their loved ones dying on the streets.

“Why every time something happens to a rapper or athlete or artist or anyone of color the first thing you do is pull out your fucking phones and start recording and [then] publish this shit on the Internet? You n**gas are clowns for this shit, man,” Gillie said. “The last picture a kid wants to see is his people lying on the ground, bleeding to death, man. niggas [have their] mothers, children, grandmothers, uncles and aunts [seeing] this stupid shit, man. But the first thing you niggas do is get your phones out, “Ooh, look at this and that”, man, that’s not cool, man. This nigga just lost his life, and you niggas [are] trying to get likes. Tell me how this shit adds up.

The 38-year-old artist then took to blogging sites, saying, “And all the blogging sites – y’all niggas is out of pocket. Y’all niggas trying to get click bait, and y’all niggas suckers, man.

Gillie shared a photo of himself and Migos on her Instagram account with the caption, “RIP yung legend, @yrntakeoff. Sad fucking day.

Born Kirshnik Khari Ball, Takeoff was fatally shot early Tuesday morning during an alleged dice game gone wrong in Houston, Texas. The 28-year-old was with his uncle Quavo, who was unhurt in the shooting.

No arrests have been made in connection with Takeoff’s death.

You can watch Gillie Da King’s Instagram clip and her tribute to the fallen rapper below:


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