Furever Memorials provides an online community for owners to celebrate deceased pets


Pet parents can unite and share stories, pictures and more of their pet crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Morris Animal Foundation offers a new online community – Furever Memorials – for individuals and families to memorialize and honor their faithful, beloved pets who have passed away.

According to a statement from the organization, pet owners can detail their pet’s story with their photos on Furever Memorials. They can also share the memorial on social media platforms, so family and friends can comment, offer support, or even make a donation in honor of the animal. Donations support animal health studies that are accelerating the well-being of dogs and felines around the world.

Especially in recent years, pets have acquired more important and emotional roles in human life. Moreover, they offer unconditional love, rely on their owners for their well-being, and accompany them when they are most vulnerable.

When a pet dies, some owners may find the loss difficult to deal with because their pet provided constant companionship. According to the statement, memorializing a pet offers pet parents an opportunity to share their grief and the community a chance to provide support and potentially ease some of that grief.

Learn more, create a memorial or support other mourners at https://www.furevermemorials.com.


Furever Memorials help owners remember and honor their beloved pets. Press release. Morris Animal Foundation. February 23, 2022. Accessed February 23, 2022.


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