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The Foley Summer Associate Program is designed to introduce first- and second-year law students to a career in the legal industry and give them a sense of what life in Foley is like and what s expect as a partner here. Spending the summer with us is more than stacks of memories and a never-ending review of documents. This means exposure to cutting-edge legal matters and high-profile issues, relationships and engagement, community service, professional development, camaraderie, leadership and much more.

This year’s program started on May 23 and ended on July 29. Before our 2022 summer associates head back to school, we asked them what their favorite part of summer was. Here’s what they had to say!

My favorite project this summer was preparing a memo regarding the state’s nuanced procedural rules. A good chunk of my note ended up being used in a motion that Foley ended up winning.

I loved all the Boys & Girls Club related events. It was a good important job; it helped show Foley’s commitment to the community; and it provided a more relaxed and personal environment to interact with attorneys, staff and other summers.

My favorite thing this summer was watching my mentor partner take two depositions in person. The experience was exciting as I had never observed anything quite like it before, and it was a great opportunity to color the picture of the litigation process.

My favorite project was researching the Wisconsin act restriction law, writing an act restriction based on that research, and then talking to the client about the document. It was cool to see the tangible effect my work had on the client’s daily business.

I really enjoyed drafting a motion for summary judgment on a patent infringement case. I didn’t know much about patents or intellectual property litigation until I started my summer at Foley.

I was able to listen to a client call and then review contracts for a potential asset acquisition. It was a great overview of what I would do as an associate.

I really enjoyed working on financial projects. The partner I worked with really took the time to give me instructions and an overall explanation of how important the project I was working on was to the deal.

My favorite project was being able to get involved in pro bono work and helping with an asylum case.

I really enjoyed working on a CLE presentation for a client. It was impactful work and I appreciated the opportunity to contribute.

My favorite project this summer was the search I did for a partner. I really appreciated that she trusted my work enough to send what I found directly to the client.

I was able to help on a case for a good portion of the timeline and was able to see it through to closing. I feeling like a member of the team.

My favorite activity was getting to know the lawyers in the Milwaukee office over lunch and coffee. It was great to be able to meet people in person and it made me want to join the firm next fall.


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