Executive Assistant in Brooklyn, NY — Money Diary

Occupation: Executive assistant
Industry: Entertainment
Age: 28
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Salary: $48,500
Net value : $177,892 (Savings: $18,039, Stock Portfolio: $154,515, Roth IRA: $5,338. I set up my Roth IRA when I was hired at my current company. I am not eligible for my company’s 401(k) before January 2023 and I will start one as soon as I am.)
Debt: $0
Paycheck amount (bi-weekly): $1,347
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Lease: $1,250 (for my half of a one bedroom duplex that I share with my boyfriend)
Health insurance: $98 (before tax, deducted from my paycheck)
Tenant insurance: $9 (my half)
iCloud: $2.99
Boss : $5
Apple Music and TV: $4.99 (I still have a student rate and I split it with my mom.)
Netflix: Thanks Mom!
HBO Max: Thanks Mom!
Xfinity: Thanks Mom!
Hulu: I use my boyfriend’s account.
Amazon Prime: $6.52 (I still get a discounted rate since I was out of work for most of 2020. My mom uses my account.)
Billy Razor: $10.89
Yoga Studio Membership: $180
Electricity: $25 to $40 (my other half)
The Internet: $27.49 (my other half)
Call: $69.73 (I venmo my mom because I’m on the family plan. We get unlimited data and our phones can be used as a hotspot. Payment also includes a monthly payment for my iPhone 13 mini.)
Savings Transfer: $100

Annual expenses
Theater Development Fund Membership: $40


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