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Assisted living (formal) facilities generally have a base price that includes accommodation and food, meals, housekeeping, laundry, and handling of medications. This is the extra price for whatever starts to add up – it can be simple accessories at the start like a beauty salon, transport to stores and back, these are quite nominal. But when you start to deal with self-care and its levels, it really starts to add up. They charge for care at different levels, from simple observation / monitoring to some help to actual delivery of care. For example: take a bath – observation / monitoring would be at a cost, bathing assistance would be at a higher cost, in fact, bathing would be at a high level.

At 86, she can do very well for a good while at standard level, but when the need for care begins, except perhaps during a recovery period, it usually doesn’t come back the other way.

The facility will rate it for level of care and set the price at that time and what it includes and at what level. They will also give you the child care costs on the rise. Contracts only last a very long time, so be aware that all prices can go up.

In my area we have what we call personal care homes – they’re in regular neighborhoods where the person who runs them has been licensed for that type of use. They are limited to the number of residents by the size of the house and the number of full bathrooms. They are monitored by my state, as are the assisted living facilities. They have ratios of caregivers to residents. Some are really cool and awesome – some not so much. The state, if they have any, keeps a list of them on their elder care area – In my state, they keep a list of all watches, complaints and infractions and results. A list like this is actually kept for all the different types of senior care facilities – so check with your state how you can find it for your review.

My mom entered one of these personal care homes when she was 89 years old. There were (5) residents in total and she was the youngest. Some grew 100; some needed little care, others a lot (my mother)

The cost was close to what she paid in an assisted living facility, but more private. She had to leave the assisted living facility because she was no longer mobile (or consistent) and they had liability issues with this issue, such as not being able to get her out in an emergency situation like a fire. I understood their problem and the hospice helped me find this great PCH.

Regarding payment – You will need to check with the state to see how their income / assets measure up against any financial aid. But this will limit his choices of places to live. If it’s her fixed income, she’s luckier than many, but the masses are a high-cost state. My mom had a fair amount of assets that I liquidated as needed for her life, personal care, and medical expenses. I had been his POA for a very long time, so I planned accordingly for such a period.

I can’t answer your question about economic support for her – like I said, as my mom’s POA for a very long time, I had planned this financially by managing and investing for a very long time.

I say, use the ‘nest egg’ – once the assets are gone, she may need to move to a place where her fixed income will cover most or part of the costs and the government will take over the rest under a contract. agreement with the establishment. IF she is eligible for government assistance.

I understand not wanting to live with her – I had the same situation. I take care of my mother – I visited her, I took her place, I organized R&R, I made sure that she was well looked after – I made sure that the money that ‘she had built up and he was there when she needed it – but she couldn’t live with me for several reasons – it wouldn’t have worked – neither for her nor for me.

But you have to decide – probably other decisions will have to be made from now on –

I found these places that can help you – I just hate that they don’t put dates on important things, but I know it has references to 2017 so it can still be relevant. – Assisted Living In Massachusetts: A Consumer’s Guide

There is also – Senior site which refers to HOUSING. look at this.

Good luck to you and your mom

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