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Last name: Chase McKinney
Program: Doctor of Physiotherapy
Expected year of graduation: 2023
Undergraduate institution: Averetta University

How do you have a positive impact? Campbell prepared me for my previous clinical rotation at the hospital. I was more informed, compassionate, and caring, which helped me provide the best care for my patients while respecting their needs and safety considerations.

Why did you choose CPHS and how do you expect to benefit from being part of Campbell? Have you established a connection with the “Campbell family?” » The Campbell family makes me feel included. This is an advantage that Campbell provided me. I know that whenever I need help, whether professional or personal, I have people to lean on.

Please summarize your personal, professional and academic background. I am currently a DPT 2 student. I previously completed a BS in Sports Medicine and Wellness with a minor in Biology from Averett University. I played baseball for four years and ran cross country for three years. I also served as president and chaplain of my fraternity three of the four years I was an undergraduate.

At Campbell, we believe in meaningful lives and meaningful service. What legacy do you leave/hope to leave? I hope to provide caring, individualized service that is specific and meaningful to each patient I meet here at Campbell as well as enjoying time with my friends in the program.

Reasons prospective students should choose Campbell over other graduate and professional schools:

  • Teachers care about your learning
  • Willingness of programs to adapt when needed
  • Smaller cohort
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Pro bono clinic
  • Patients attending the Neuro and PED laboratories
  • Hands-on anatomy and laboratory experience
  • Dive deeper into MSK skills (manipulations, mobs, etc.)
  • How teachers challenge you to think
  • They teach you to defend your profession
  • They teach you how to be a great therapist, not just how to pass the planks

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