Diary of a Londoner: Carrie is anchored in the Westminster bubble, says a friend of the biographer


“She’s not a private individual. She’s in the Westminster bubble,” a friend of Ashcroft tells us.

Excerpts from Ashcroft’s biography, including the claim that Carrie Johnson’s ‘behaviour’ is preventing her husband ‘from running Britain as effectively as the voters deserve’, have caused a storm in Westminster lately days. Health Secretary Sajid Javid defended her yesterday: ‘All this focus on Carrie Johnson in some of these reports, I think is very outrageous and very unfair.’

But Ashcroft’s friend points out: “Only a fraction of the book has been published so far.”

They added that Johnson “has her own Tory-funded PR wife and she has chosen to get involved in the day-to-day business of the Prime Minister who runs the country, as well as hiring and firing senior executives at Downing Street”.

Last week, Miriam González Durántez, the wife of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, also defended Johnson, writing on her substack: “The democratic responsibility of the British government rests on the shoulders of the Prime Minister, not on his wife… A democratically elected Prime Minister who allows unelected individuals to wield his own political power should resign for breaking the democratic pact – whether he did so out of incompetence, recklessness, laziness or weakness .

Boris just wanted to be king of the store

BORIS JOHNSON wanted to be ‘king of the world’ as a child – but the man himself says his early hopes were a little different. “My initial ambition was to become a billionaire owner of a multi-brand retail empire,” Johnson told author Dominic Shelmerdine in a forthcoming second edition of his book My Original Ambition. The PM wanted to be the “Jimmy Goldsmith of my generation”. He adds: “Something went wrong”. You can repeat it.

Suki is enlightened on boy issues

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SUKI WATERHOUSE says her difficult experiences helped her write songs, including one written after a trip to Bhutan. Following a breakup, she and a friend traveled to the Southeast Asian country where they met monks in the remote mountains. “We told them all our crazy boy problems,” she told Rolling Stone. “And the monks would literally be laughing at us like, ‘What the hell are you doing being attached to anything? You’re ridiculous. Perspective.

It’s frustration, frustration for the star

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KIRSTIE ALLSOPP is battling her corner after it was reported that she said first-time buyers should look nationwide for cheaper deals. “Either you think I’m a disconnected rich b***h who doesn’t understand how difficult it is to buy a house in many parts of the UK, or you don’t,” the location , the location, The Location presenter wrote online today, claiming that her remarks had been twisted. She told a newspaper, “When I bought my first property, going overseas, the easyJet, coffee, gym, Netflix lifestyle didn’t exist.” Today she added: ‘Ultimately it all comes down to whether or not you believe in my empathy, understanding and experience.

The soap opera gave a g’day at work


THE under-threatened Australian soap opera Neighbours, was partly responsible for electing Tony Blair, claims a new academic paper. “The Neighbors Call – community-focused, friendly, classless, non-threatening, a mixed economy and in some ways a little conservative ‘c’ – was precisely the platform Labor needed to win over voters which he failed to achieve between 1983 and 1992,” says Richard Carr, a researcher at Anglia Ruskin University, spotted by eagle-eyed writer Henry Mance. When good neighbors become… good electoral assets?


MICHAEL HESELTINE may have voted Lib Dem in 2019, but he’s still not one. “I’ve run in Conservative constituencies with Lib-Dem candidates… pretty much every time I’ve won,” he said during a live recording of Matt Forde’s podcast. He told voters, “You have two Liberals in this riding. But I will win. Uncompromising.

Even Keir Starmer’s map is marked by his Chief Whip. An email to Labor members of Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency ahead of a (routine) vote for his re-election as MP sees Sir Alan Campbell assessing his leader: ‘The MP for Keir Starmer did not rebelled against the whip,” he wrote. Well, you hope not.


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