Concerns over Queen’s health as Charles delivers his speech


Rare lack: Britain is in a state of silent concern. The Queen did not deliver the Queen’s Speech to Parliament, in which the government sets out its program for the year. It’s the first time in 59 years that she’s missed it. Buckingham Palace says this is due to ‘episodic mobility issues’ she suffers from. She missed Easter celebrations earlier and it has been announced that she will not be attending the Queen’s summer parties this year on the palace grounds. In October last year, she used a cane at an event at Westminster Abbey, the first time she was seen using one.

As described by the palace, her current mobility issues are limiting some, but not all, of her engagements, and she continues to hold meetings, although her latest meeting with the Prime Minister is taking place online. The Queen is 96 and has been in excellent health so far. The nation prays that she will live to be 100 like her mother did and that the current problems pass. But for anyone who is 96, some concern will persist.

Prince Charles delivered the Queen’s Speech to Parliament on Tuesday. As Prince of Wales, few heirs apparent have held the position as long as he has.

Labor pain: Politically, greenhouses are the talk of the town. After repeatedly blasting the Prime Minister for partying through the Covid restrictions he announced for the nation, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is facing tough questions about the fact he attended at a beer and curry fest during lockdown – Indian food is still called a ‘curry’ despite many Brits being educated on that equation.

The dispute was rather helpful at the Spice Lounge in Durham from where food was ordered for the event. The restaurant may well be known as a place of historical significance should Keir Starmer lose his place due to his attendance at this gathering. He said he would resign if the police found him guilty and fined him. The ripples will go beyond him; Deputy party leader Angela Rayner has also offered to resign.

Moreover, it aims to set an uncomfortable example for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was found guilty and fined but had no thought of resigning. It is unlikely that he will do so again.

Moment of mourning: It is with great sadness that the Indian community mourned the passing of Lady Aruna Paul, wife of industrialist Lord Spraj Paul. A memorial for her was appropriately held at London Zoo. The Paul couple have invested millions to revive and maintain the zoo in memory of their daughter, whom they lost as a child.

The past few years have been difficult for Lord Paul. His son Angad Paul died from a building in London in 2015; he also held a memorial for him at London Zoo. It is with some relief that friends find Lord Paul in good health, though frail.

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