Colorado Medical Coding Checker — Money Diary

Occupation: Medical Coding Auditor
Industry: Health care
Age: 37
Location: Western Colorado
Salary: $77,000
Net value : ~$209,000 ($22,582 in HYSA, $6,735 in joint checking account, $7,500 in brokerage account, $56,573 in Roth IRA, $60,543 in 401(k), ~416 $000 home value minus debt. My sister, B., and I live together and co-own our home, so I only count half the house in my net worth. We keep our finances separate apart from the common checking account we use to pay bills, but we split most expenses 50/50.)
Debt: $289,340 on the mortgage ($144,670 my half) and $7,898 on my car
Paycheck amount (weekly): $895, after 17% 401(k) contribution
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $765, which is my half of the mortgage payment of $1,530. (I share the house with my sister, B., and our six cats. B. and I both knew in early adulthood that we didn’t want spouses or kids, so it made sense for us to have two incomes together. It’s unconventional, but it works for us. B. earns about $65,000.)
Car payment: $175
Utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage): $195
The Internet: $32.50
Car insurance: $93
Health insurance: $283
Maid service: $160 (every two weeks)
Cellphone: $66 ($34 for Mint Mobile and $32 for the phone itself; I always pay it back interest-free with my Apple Card)
Career coach: $75
Netflix, Disney Plus, Kindle Unlimited, DoorDash Dashpass: $33
Pest Control: $29 (my half of $58)
Subscription to MMORPG games: $13
Donations: $300
401(k): $1,006, deducted from my paychecks before taxes


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